A Teenager and the Bears

Update as of 11 November 2009

In the northern climes, the snow has started rebuilding. I recently saw pictures of snow on sunflowers in Southern Germany; news reports indicate that the mountains surrounding Srinagar in Kashmir are getting whiter with snowfall. In this backdrop, the perennially frozen shores of Hudson Bay had two experienced hunters going for their kill. The 57 year old man and his nephew were on their snow-bike looking for the prized polar bear. Unfortunately for them, the bike developed a snag, some dirt froze into a ball and knocked into the exhaust pipe, and the machine spluttered out of life. They were miles off the nearest village and so decided to trudge their way through snow and ice, until the teenaged nephew stepped on a thin ice-floe and caused it to crack up. The boy was set adrift into the bay and he dared not run or jump lest he fall into the icy waters. The uncle quickly ran off towards the village looking for help. But the early sunset did not help as it was dangerous territory to be out in the dark. The search party started out on land in the morning, but returned unsuccessful and so they sent out two choppers. After much flying, one of them found a human figure floating on ice with what looked like a bear carcass. Since the sea was choppy, and the chopper did not have a hoist lift, they dropped packets of chocolates and candies and flew back to send the appropriate rescue helicopter. The rescue helicopter returned an hour later and started its rescue mission, though gingerly since besides the bear carcass were 2 teenaged bears standing startled and rather annoyed. The seventeen year old teenager was rescued with his shotgun and airlifted to the county hospital for hypothermia treatment. He later explained how the 3 bears had gotten onto his floating ice island and to protect himself, he shot the larger one and this scared the other two and how he kept his distance from them and hoped for an early rescue. He expressed his gratitude to the villagers who searched for him as also the chopper rescuers, as his uncle stood by him in the hospital room.

There must have been a bear kill on D Street today – how else can one explain the way the D Boyz took the SENSEX from a 15-20 points up status at start of day to 409 points at end of day. Even in nearby NIFTY neighbourhood, the N Boyz pulled the NIFTY to a heady 5000+. And even in this market the D Boyz did not lose sight of reality. The cloudy and wet weather over Mumbai meant that the Indian cricket team could not play their match against the Ozzies today – so their captain would not have a chance to Speed up his runs and endorse the petrol; so they pulled that stock down 1%; and the wonderful weather had the government going into a tizzy and sending out confusing messages to shut down offices – so those D Boyz could go out for leisurely walks by the sea with their girlfriends and did not need to use the Talk and Walk mobile phones – so that telecom stock also fell in an otherwise green market. The girlfriends did their bit by disallowing their D Boyfriendz to smoke as they walked – so the ciggie major was the third casualty on the SENSEX. !6849 was where the D Boyz and their Girlz took the SENSEX to.

TV News channels have suddenly discovered the weather satellite pictures that are collated by the Indian Met department every 6 hours and are struggling to explain them. Perhaps they should go to the folks in Mandi House (Delhi) who religiously used to show these pics at the end of their 9 pm and 10 pm news every night on Good Ole DD! Did someone suggest romantic showers in Mumbai last evening – check your emails of 9 Nov J!



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