The Cave on a Himalayan Slope

Update as of 4 November 2009

The Kashmir Valley is usually green at this time of the year – except for the deciduous forests where the autumnal fall has commenced. The ground is still grass covered and the evergreen pine forests on the slopes are a deep green till mid December – when the first snowfall hits these reaches. These are not safe terrain for people to move about – the slopes are steep, slippery at times, craggy at sheer cliffs, and wildlife abound these forests. On one such slope, a few men trundled about with their guns and little else. Their overgrown beards and shaggy hair under turbans and skull caps indicated that they were wanderers, but the sophisticated weaponry and communication equipment suggested something more eerie; perhaps they were mercenaries or even worse, terrorists. They had rested in a cave all night and 2 of them were just about to step outside for their morning ablutions, when there was an attack. A loud roar, some thuds and the end for the two of them – no this was no mean arm combat wing of the military, but a Himalayan Sloth Bear attack. This was its den and it perhaps felt threatened because these mountain animals are not carnivores like their American counterparts. The only other person in the cave was so scared of this attack, that he stumbled his way out, bruised his arm and leg and almost got snapped by the startled bear. He ran down the short slope and then veered leftwards to climb the hill towards the conifer forest. He ran and did not look back even once and neither did he stop to take a breath until he spotted a smoking chimney in the horizon. He slowed down, looked down and scoured the green slope and forest for any movement  – convinced that he had escaped the bear, he now walked on the summit towards the hamlet and collapsed outside the first hut.

The denizens of D Street who had been tormented by the bears over the last 10 sessions or so decided that enough was enough! Those that had succumbed to the bear attack were left behind, as the other D Boyz ran out down the short slope for a while (till 10 am), then to trick the bear took the upward slope towards some warmth. The path of the SENSEX followed the running survivors – see below.


The story was simple – whichever terrorists had gunned down the stocks on the SENSEX yesterday were no longer there and so these stocks rebounded – metals, realty, oil and gas. And if last evening saw the SENSEX drop 500 points, today was a direct reversal with a 507 point gain to get back to 15912.

And if you are still interested in what happened to the guy who escaped the bear, he was arrested by the local police and that is how I got to know this tale. The Himalayan valleys are enigmatic and spectacular and hold lots of secrets that are rarely revealed.



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