The Hero fights the Villain, with the heroine in the middle!

Update as of 28 October 2009

Hindi films have their stereotypes – the hero is always handsome; the heroine always dainty; both of them can love each other but never kiss. The heroine never goes to clubs or holds a hard drink in her hand. If she did dangle a cigarette on her lips, then she was the transforming into the vamp. The hero is a multi-talented guy who can sing, dance, play any musical instrument and knock down an army of elephant sized villainous henchmen and yet have enough breath left to give a 20 minute speech. Sometimes, the hero may play tricks and pretend to be “bad” by drinking reddish liquids from green coloured wine-shaped bottles – most often these bottles will have the number 69 emblazoned on them. This is then followed by a boring song that he sings, surprisingly in tune, to finally crash down at the feet of a golden hearted “auntie” or the heroine. He will be reformed; you can be sure – because the “bad men” don’t fall after drinking that stuff – perhaps because they (the bad men”) sit in their dingy parlours, strumming their fingers with the same green Bottle with No. 69 sitting smugly on a table next to them, but never really consume the “red stuff”. But you know they are bad, because they try to force a nubile, squirming heroine to wet her lips with the red liquid. The heroine also breaks down with her nahin nahin (no! no!) until she is saved by the hero’s dramatic and glass smashing entry. Just the moment when the audience bites their nails and wishes that he picks up that green bottle to smash it on the villain’s head! Good must always triumph over evil, it is ordained.

Today was another dramatic Hindi filmy day on D Street – with its dramatic ups and downs and share of heroes and villains. I could call the SENSEX the heroine, since it just followed the machinations of the D Street Boyz – some heroes, some villains; but all chasing the now famous green wine bottle with the Number 69 on it. It was the day when the SENSEX finally ended 69 points down at 16283 – a good 527 points down this week. What went up in the last 2 days tanked today, while some that tanked yesterday moved up – but many that went down yesterday continued with the trend; while those that perked up yesterday, also stayed on course. Interesting point to note is that like the Diwali Movie releases this year, today’s Hindi Film at D street was a damp squib. Lot of hullaballoo, but noone is actually amused. Perhaps they should learn from that guy in the US who made a “no budget” movie that very few people watched when released 2 years ago; but sold it to some large moviemaker, and is spooking out the Hollywood turnstiles now and nearing the $ 100 Million collections mark. It took 2 actors, 1 director-cum-cameraman and a handheld video recorder to make that film… No wine bottles with faux whisky in it!

But one stereotype I like is the choice of cars used by the rich brats (hero or heroine) – sometimes a yellow coupe Mercedes; or a red and white monstrous Chevy; and at times a different coloured car to match the heroines outfits! For a car starved country like ours – this is truly a treat! Keep them rolling!!



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