What lies In the Bride’s / Groom’s hand?

Update as of November 9, 2009


This is the Great Indian Wedding season, and by weddings, I am not restricting myself just to the Chopra – Johar types of farcical extravaganzas that have more pizzazz than actual emotions, but also from those communities that are ignored by the Hindi Filmy types – like the methodical Catholic Wedding or the solemn Muslim NIkaah, or the traditional to the core TamBrahm kalyanam, or the blink and you will miss it Kerala Nair wedding. The Brides and/or the Grooms have some very traditional carry items that are unmistakable – like the Bengali Bride who carries three betel leaves held in a clover like fashion to ”hide” her face, or the Rajput groom who has his sword in his salver tied to his waistband, or the TamBrahm groom who threatens to “ditch” the bride, while holding his palm leaf hand-fan; or the Goan Catholic bride who holds her bouquet of flowers – which is more like a nose-gay brimming with delicate greens like myrtle, or fern or some such exotic leaves and the flowers ensconced within are part of the overall wedding theme colour. The Bengali bride gives away the betel leaves when she “sights” her beau; while the Rajput groom uses the sword to symbolically “conquer” the bride’s household by ripping the mango-leaf bunting decorating the entrance door; the TamBrahm “renounces” the austere life with his hand-fan when the bride’s father “offers” his daughter’s hand in marriage with the groom; and the Catholic Bride holds her nose-gay throughout the entire wedding service and ceremony and throws it over her shoulder to the waiting maidens to signal the next in the wedding queue… the maid who catches the throw is thrilled to bits and her shrill shriek rents the air and she is the next to take to the dance floor after the wedded couple dance their “first dance”. Of-course, this maiden does not carry the nose gay with her, but leaves it on a reception table as a token “reserved” tag. This is the table that is circled by the Best men’s brigade as the wooing ritual begins.

The wedding season seems to stepping onto D Street. And going by the diversified cultures that now participate in Equity trading, I think people today seemed to have witnessed a Catholic wedding – and on further probe it is likely that the D Street Boyz were acquaintances of the bride and her bridesmaids. They must have done rounds of the nose-gay on the “reserved” table and dreamt of being the chosen one of the “next in line”. The nose-gay lay flat on the table with the green stems almost parallel to the table, tied with a shiny red ribbon, and then the bloom rose above with lots of greens angling upwards and almost drowning the peach-coloured roses. The SENSEX graph for the day could not have described this picture better – take a look


So the flat trend till a little past 11:30 am was briefly negated before really taking an upward moved till it ended close to its days high – 340 points up – almost reaching that heady 16500 level but being happy at 16498. The D Street Boyz made good money today and propped up their banks balances – perhaps one reason why Bank Stocks also moved up. And the general happy mood amongst them also kept the rest of the stocks up.

The D Boyz will start their wooing with the lucky maiden tomorrow. I can already see Cupid floating about on the fluffy clouds around D Street. The Met Office has not yet noticed, but I predict some romantic showers tomorrow!


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