Children – agents of Change

Update as of 16 November 2009

Children are the future of any nation and given their penchant to be fast learners, educators and marketers have decided to focus on them to spread their word. Like a multinational company that held its annual Community Service Day by spending time with an NGO focused on child education (it is an alternate education centre – and insists that each child member go to formal schools). Instead of the oft used and done to death routine of doing a magic show and clown act for them, these MNC guys and gals decided to do a bit of “teaching”. They used the green earth theme to talk about global warming and its consequences and quizzed the children on solutions to reverse or arrest this. The enthusiastic children and their eager “teachers” had so many ideas and thoughts that instead of an hour session, it extended for over 2 and the gung-ho attitude did not die. So the organizers channelized that energy into another green idea, of decorating and painting pots to be used for planting little saplings that could be taken home to self-start the greening from each home! At the end of the session, there were numerous happy faces and soiled hands holding freshly potted ixora. I do hope that this green revolution extends beyond just those 55 children and their 33 “teachers” to an entire community and their neighbours, and keeps extending its boundary.

The D Street Boyz took a leaf out of the MNC-NGO experience and had a Green day on the SENSEX today. And their tribute to the environment was led by propping up the Alternative Energy Producer to lead the SENSEX Pack. The winds of change are indeed blowing from around the globe; so what if some of the winds in western India brought showers over the weekend; but enthusiasm of the D Boyz was sustained throughout today’s session keeping the SENSEX above the 17000 mark. It closed 183 points up at 17032. 

The good cheer at D Street also seemed to blow over to Motera where the Indians play the Lankans in their first cricket test match in this series. One of the players is staying on like a wall and has already surpassed the 170 runs mark – almost emulating the SENSEX!



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