Chennai Green – Mumbai ?

Update as of 18 Nov 2009


This gent in Chennai is doing his little bit to improve the environment by ensuring that no chemicals get into or out of his house, save the bathing soap he uses. He has a model house that the Green Brigade activists would be proud of. The water that is used in the bathroom and kitchen are passed through pipes filled with earthworm that digest the edible waste, moss, fungus and even mosquito eggs and then is used to water the kitchen garden. The kitchen waste is composted in the backyard with a little help from cows that roam the street (their droppings are collected and added to the garbage heap to help it transform into manure for the garden). The toilet waste is also biologically treated with some bacteria that thrives on this and converts the noxious gases into water vapour and deodorizes the sludge which then is used to fertilise the garden again. The Chennai gent is quite proud to do his little bit in keeping his home clean and boasts that he has no mosquito problems, and does not need to wait for the garbage truck and his helpers underground (the earthworms) help him by helping themselves. The gent is quite happy spreading his work to anyone who wants to contribute to a green world. A few plumbing changes are needed (mostly to do with the pipes under the ground and perhaps a septic tank, again underground) and getting friendly with little reddish brown earthworms.


An interesting day after really long on D Street! No dramatic rises, nor drastic drops – just flattish tones as the D Boyz looked around for reasons to react. Ciggie price rises did seem to boost them for a while, but news of possible trouble in chocolate territory got them worried and then some Working Hard pharma company got chatty with an American drug maker perking up some of the Boyz, before the day ended whilst the cricket crazy Boyz saw the India’s hopes sinking at Motera. But as I said, it was flattish – rangebound at 50 points above and below previous close. The enthusiastic Boyz want to keep their street clean, so don’t mind a little plumbing and digging and so agreed to the 52 point dip to 16698.


Going green like the Chennai Gent is difficult in Muggy Mumbai – but I have started by doing my little bit – by doubling my potted plants on the window sill. I hope to add colour to the current set. Let us see what colour ixora blooms, when it does!



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