Fred, the Duck Billed Platypus

Update as of 17 Nov 2009

Fred is a bored Duck Billed Platypus and lives an ordinary life with 2 geeks and their hyper-sensitive sister. The geeks are always trying to invent something or the other while their “I must foil your plans” sister is always spying on them. Fred, the Platypus, despite his squat expressions and general apathy to his surroundings, lives a double life and is actually an undercover agent, the saviour of our planet from devious scientists who have evil designs to conquer the earth and rule its people, apart from the Geek Boyz’ pet. But it is amazing how the timing of the Geek Boyz’ escapades matches that of the Platypus’ trysts with earth saving. So when the Boyz turn their surroundings into crater filled disaster zones, our duck-billed platypus escapes to fight the powers of evil. The Sister just tags along wanting to report the Boyz’ behaviour to their mother, and looks for that moment when she can nail them! It is amazing how this little creature, Fred, who looks meek and lost at most times, actually counters the forces that think and execute complex plans. And invariably, the Boyz and the Platypus will cross paths at a time when the Geek inventions or adventures would reach their zenith or nadir (whichever way it goes) while the Evil Scientist(s) would get their boot from the webbed feet of Fred. And at the end when the 3 meet, it is amazing to see how the inventions / adventures simply don’t exist and how the scheming silent platypus gets his squat expression all over again. And the 4th, the Sister is left gaping, unable to get her “naughty” brothers to book. So if you saw this cartoon show at start and at finish, and missed out the middle, you would not notice a thing amiss, whilst you would have in reality missed a lot!

The D Boyz lived their lives like the Geek Boyz and their pet, the platypus. So when everything appeared hunky dory at start, they quickly took to their distractions and turned their backyard, D Street, upside down. So the SENSEX which started up 40 points, quickly entered subterranean levels and moved to depths of 130 points or so and just when the Sister (SENSEX) was about to nail the Boyz and freeze them, for reporting to Mom; the Boyz and their Platypus undid everything that happened during the day to return to their smug geeky expressions of the morning to settle the SENSEX 18 points up (Flat actually) to 17050. People who checked the SENSEX screens at 9:55 am this morning and then tuned off to return at 3:30 pm would not see anything amiss. So was this D Street working at its cartoonish best, today?

For those who like to gaze at the night sky for some twinkling lights – try and catch up with the meteor shower expected after sundown! If you witnessed it, please write in.



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