Date Palms, a Water Pool and Bubbly Children

Update for 30 Nov 2009

An oasis in the desert conjures up inviting images of tall date palm trees, fringing a cool blue pond, with lush grass on its banks. It is a place in the middle of “nowhere”, where the weary traveler can rest his limbs, wash up in the pond, refill his camel skin water-bag and chew on the ripe date fronds that abound the place. It is also the place where children from the nearby settlement escape to, when oppressive mothers drive them out of their huts to tend the sheep. The children play as their flocks gambol among the greenery. They also chatter with the weary traveler and give him some useful inputs on their settlement. The traveler could be a merchant carrying prized salt from the desert that he would trade for food along the way or gold with the white sailors at the port. The traveler could also be a slave driver looking for his next “catch” that he could smartly bundle out to the palaces at the edge of the desert where he would get handsomely paid for. The traveler could also be a gold digger looking for the lost ruins of a civilization and looking for cheap labour or inputs to help him in his mission. Or he could be the maverick explorer just looking for new places and recording them in his journal which he would publish when he went back to his university. Whatever role he essayed, the traveler is always in awe of the oasis as it provides relief from the scorching heat and loneliness that he has been subjected to. It also helps him rewind and gather his energy to travel forth. It can be enriching for any traveler.

The desert storm from the Persian Gulf that clouded D Street seemed to have settled a bit. The D(isoriented) Boyz sighted their oasis this morning and quickly took into its green environs. The green leaves of the date palm, the sweet fruits from the tree, the cool blue waters in its ponds, all invited the D Boyz to stay and savour their much needed respite – so their caravan, the SENSEX, also stayed to enjoy the oasis, recouping the losses of last Friday and gaining more. The children from the nearby village added cheer to the D Boyz and the SENSEX as they brought cheerful news of how their village had so much of business opportunities – actually 7.7% more than the last time … (little children did not understand complex acronyms like the GDP –and “mistook” them for Good Date Pudding – which their mothers would prepare tonight for after dinner). The weary D Boyz were refreshed with this stay and their SENSEX looked healthier – actually 294 points healthier at 16926.

Sometimes, the villagers invite the headman of the caravan to their village for a meal at night, and this opens up opportunities for both to gain from each other. The wise elders of the village always know when to invite and when to avoid. They have lived in these harsh environs for long to know it.

Have a nice day. Cheers….

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