The Seven Steps – Saptapadi

Update as of 23 December 2009

Though technically this is the break in the Indian wedding season, it is still quite full of the wedding charms. The newly weds can be seen at touristy towns, holding hands and gently ambling down the Mall Road, or taking pony rides, or just sitting silently (in each other’s arms) on sun-soaked beaches, clearly distinguishable by the women sporting the deep red vermillion sindoor, in their hair parting and wearing the jangling traditional bangles; while their beaus strut around in their designer sweaters or pullovers with the unshaven stubble looks, and swaggering walks. And for those who will tie the knot when the wedding season opens again mid January, their eagerness to acquire the best trousseau can be seen on their faces. Their smiles just don’t fade and some women gushing over the brides, looking pleased as punch while doting over their glowing daughters or nieces. The grooms-to-be cannot be missed at any pub or 5 star hotel, as they are the centres of attraction around whom many male friends hover since that centre is paying for their expensive malts and vodkas. The recently married may or may not remember the most important moment of their wedding ceremony – the Saptapadi – the seven steps around the holy fire. Each step is significant and there is no North South divide here – whether you are a bhangra loving Punjabi or a Kutcheri enjoying TamBrahm, the steps are there and have the same significance. If the first 4 steps invoke happiness, health, prosperity and general well-being for the couple, the remaining 3 are actually inclusive in nature as the married couple take the steps for world peace, harmony and global bounty. For some, they are mere steps while for others they are clockwise perambulations around the fire. 

D Street was in a festive mood today, as the D Boyz reminisced their own wedding vows or “Saptapadi” and took some strong decisive steps up – leading the SENSEX to take those eventful 7 steps up. And today was the day when all the 30 stocks on the SENSEX were green (moving up between 0.79% to 7.7%). They tried to reach the magic number of 7.75% that a Mr FM predicted was where the Indian Good Day Program would end at in March! The Happy Boyz happily took the SENSEX up to 177231 up 539 points for universal peace, harmony and bounty (their part of the Saptapadi of using the 3 % upward move, symbolic of the last 3 vows!).

The Music season in Chennai has started in full earnest and mothers of to-be-brides are busy attending as many sessions as they can. It is not because they are keen connoisseurs of Carnatic music (they maybe), but to scout out the best talent who will perform at their daughter’s wedding reception. The 6 pm performer at the Academy is usually the first choice, but being in high demand, they may be pricey or even too busy to perform.


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