Home Made Pizza

Update for 30 Dec 2009

In this age of instant food mixes and fast food delivered to your doorstep quicker than medical aid, it is heartening to note that some people still labour to put that wholesome food on dinner tables. Like the other day, my brother-in-law (BIL) decided to treat us to some home-style Italian Pizza. The difference here was that he started from scratch – including kneading the dough needed for the base. For urban Indians, this is not a chore one wastes much time on; we either call the local Pizza Deli and get our pricey cooked flour dough with cheese and some veggies or meat chunks delivered in 30 minutes (or we don’t pay for it); or some people buy the ready-made pizza base and bottled sauce to put together their “home” style version. But Mr BIL brought out the flour, yeast, olive oil and salt and rolling up his sleeves, started kneading the dough like a well trained signorina. He did not let anyone into the kitchen when he was putting together the tomato sauce, but I did spy him carry half a dozen plump roma tomatoes, some herbs and what looked like a half bulb of garlic. Thereafter, I don’t know what he did, but he emerged from the kitchen with a rolled out pizza dough that had a generous helping of tomato sauce on it. He called in my daughters to help him add the veggie toppings creatively – they had red peppers, some sliced button mushrooms, a small head of broccoli and loads of shredded cheese. The kids were enjoying it as much as their uncle and when done, Mr BIL loaded the tray into the oven for a quick bake. And before long, he announced that the Pizza was ready for slicing up. It was like a little ritual, when the tray was set on the table, and the pizza slicer was placed alongside, the kids were excited to see what their “creation” looked like and adults like me could not resist the shutterbug in me and clicked a few shots before the dinner slices were ready to be devoured.

The penultimate trading session of 2009 was a lack luster flat day at D Street. The SENSEX was almost as flat as the Pizza we ate that day. And also like the pizza, it had a few green sessions like at start of day and sometime around 1 pm, but otherwise it was a shallow flat red (like the tomato sauce base of the pizza). I am not sure what cuisine the D Boyz prefer, but going by their non-exuberance today, I think they don’t particularly care for Italian food. So, if yesterday saw a flattish uptick on the SENSEX, today saw a flattish downtick of 58 points to take it down to 17344. Nothing dramatic or shocking, especially when much of India is out holidaying, great weather is a booster in most cities, while some like Hyderabad and Bangalore continue to see some storms (not weather storms).

That evening, Mr BIL conjured up a simply irresistible dessert – chocolate mousse that was not sinful, but protein rich with silken tofu and guilt free because it had no cream. It is nice visiting family and friends who entertain you with their personal touches. I am thinking of subtly hinting out to Mr BIL for some wholesome muffins on my next visit. Maybe, if he is reading this post, he will make it!



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