Have you attended a School Assembly Recently?

Update as of 6 January 2010

After the school hockey team’s success in the interschool challenge, our headmaster announced a special assembly the next morning. I knew what the aseembly was called for, but not many in the school knew or cared to know. I was quite friendly with the hockey players in school, at least 5 were from my class. So I knew how well they had been performing at the provincial hockey tournament and after topping that they represented not only the school but the province at the national level. The competition was tough, and the schools at the national capital had local ground advantage as they played on fields that they were used to dribbling the ball on. Moreover, the cold weather was something they were attuned to as well, unlike the boys from my school, who rarely stepped out of this tropical coastal town (except for tournaments such as this). But despite this, they did very well for themselves, knocking out the local favourites in the first round, and facing off stiff challenges from other teams to enter the finals. They did well in this ultimate match, but lost to River High School in the penalty flicks after a goal-less match. The jubilant team had returned the previous night and I had caught up with the goalkeeper, Raymond, so I was in the know of what the HM would sermonize on. The morning assembly was at the school concrete quadrangle and the HM stood on the raised platform abutting the school building, flanked by the statue of Jesus Christ. And after the

customary prayers, national anthem and school anthem, the HM started his “speech”. He went on and on and the sun was beating down on us students. And one could easily see that the tired feet constantly shifting of weight from right to left and back to right and everyone did it, but not in unison. So the HM did not notice the mild movements among the assembled students, but steady shifting of feet ruled on the flat quadrangle for the entire speech from a hockey loving HM. And this was one day, when everyone was eager to get into class, instead of staying out.

The D Boyz have started feeling a little tired of the long trading days. So even though they had a good day yesterday, and started the day jubilantly, their tiredness was clearly evident through the day. They kept shifting their feet from green territory to red, but since they were tired, they did not move much. Just a few points up and a few down and ended the SENSEX just 14 points up at 17701. The Boyz will now look forward to weekends, when they don’t have to wake up early and stay at their desks through breakfast and lunch hours!! And going by the numerous cups of coffee they are guzzling, looks like sugar prices have moved up anticipating growing demand for this energy giver, since breakfasts and lunches are being missed or skipped. Perhaps, it is time for some enterprising food manufacturer to package spill-proof meals that can be readily served at D Street. Not only will it generate good revenues, but will also help ease the sugar price burden for us, non D Street denizens.

I still remember, how at one such morning assembly, I suddenly broke a shaking milk tooth. Not wanting to swallow any blood, I decided to keep my mouth shut and did not swallow my saliva, either. At the end of the HM’s speech, my mouth could have burst open, so I rushed to my class teacher, pointed at my swelling cheeks and mimed that I need to go to the rest room and dashed off. My poor concerned class-teacher sent 2 boys after me, to ensure that I was okay. I looked back at the boys and tried to smile while using my hands to shoo them back.



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