Browsing the Furniture Store

Update as of 19 January 2010

I walked into the furniture cum lifestyle store; the well laid out décor was pleasing to the eye and the unobtrusive salespeople was a welcome departure from most of the newly mushrooming culture of lifetstyle stores that displayed and perhaps sold you products that you did not want, or products that you desired, but way beyond your budget, only because of the exotic or exclusive tag attached to it. I was not shopping, but the show-window was attractive enough to get my attention, moreover, I had some time to kill before the missus arrived for our round of weekend grocery shopping. The elegant store had an eclectic mix of furniture in wood, nothing ornate or extremely raw, but smart and attractive. The centre-piece of the store drew me to it not only due to its location, but also the colour schemes. The bed was of good quality wood, lightly burnished with its grains visible. The dull polish on the walnut wood frame brought out the intricate natural patterns that gave a sort of medieval look to an otherwise new piece of furniture. The high headpost aided that assessment. The lack of a footpost made the design interesting and the bed spread was the clincher. It was made of a soft satin with a smart flowery pattern – almost entirely scarlet, but with hints of brown and green just to break the monotony, yet not taking away from the appeal of the red. The edges were sewn to a flouncy border that literally cascaded down the bed to sweep the floor with its fall. This was made of a lighter material, perhaps a georgette or chiffon (I am not sure of it, since I have done little fabric shopping lately), and the elegant frills that bunched up neatly only enhanced the attractive piece. It was inviting – almost enticing me to take a closer look.

The D street mood during all morning and early parts of the afternoon was that of contemplation. The D Boyz, seemed to be waiting for something; they did see some red action in Asia and sprinkled some red flakes onto D Street – keeping the SENSEX red, but just marginally and flattish. But when Europe opened, and the D Boyz slipped on what could perhaps be described as a chiffon slope and ended 155 points down at 17486 – down 0.88%. some people blamed the heavy wallets with Indian currency of the IT Boyz on D Street for this, but strangely, today was the day when the rupee actually lost some strength against the dollar; and even international oil prices touched new lows of this year (so what if we are not even 20 days into it). But Boyz will be Boyz; quite unpredictable.

After admiring the furniture, I was readying to leave the store, when the smart store manager asked me to pen down my comments on the store in their guestbook. I quickly completed it, when she handed me a complimentary bar of what I thought was a chocolate. On exiting the store, I unwrapped the bar to be faced with a piece of processed Swiss cheese. Now that was strange! I had not yet read about the proposed merger of a British chocolate major and a Swiss food giant famous for its cheeses and salad dressing!


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