Two Bloody Encounters

 Update for week ended 5 February 2010

Sometimes fate plays funny games with people and many times, it is the weaker person who loses. At times, it is a weak system that results in a strong person’s loss. Take the case of 2 people – a young Russian lady executive living in a suburb of Moscow and many miles south – this young lad working with a BPO outfit in suburban Mumbai. Both of them led lives like typical Muscovites and Mumbaikars – working hard on weekdays and partying on weekends. But fate plays a significant role in their lives. The Russian lady usually takes a metro to work and back and walks to the nearest station at both ends. The biting cold this season has her hurrying on her walking trips with her hands neatly tucked into her faux fur coat and her head covered in a hood to keep the chill away. Just outside the metro station near her home, she encounters a mugger who demands her purse and her jewellery. The lady resists and in the scuffle, gets stabbed a couple of times by the robber, before he flees with her bag. The lady is in a state of shock, but quickly walks home and calls up her parents, who are more shocked at seeing her. She has a 6 inch dagger still stuck in the back of her neck and is bleeding a little. The woman did not know this till she was told of it, then she passes out. The ambulance is called, she is rushed to the hospital, the docs are rushed in for an emergency surgery and they carefully remove the dagger without damaging her spine. Fly south to suburban Mumbai when the young lad takes his lady love out to dinner. They dine and wine and return home late into the night on his motorcycle. The road is not crowded and he speeds a little until he encounters a vehicle blocking the road ahead of him. He attempts to overtake, but the dimly lit road hides a truck coming in the opposite direction (the truck’s lights are also not visible). It is too late to swerve and the motorbike is flung across the road. The pillion rider is thrown off and she lands on the side of the road, while the motor bike slams against the road divider and topples the knocked-out rider over the divider into the empty “flower bed center of the road” and careens off a few more meters before halting. Thankfully there are good Samaritans passing by who rush the girl to the hospital and inform the local police station of the accident. The cops return, pick up the battered motorbike and leave. No-one even knows at that time of the guy who lies just a few meters away, hidden by the road divider, perhaps bleeding to death. The tell-tale signs of blood are everywhere, but the cops leave without investigating or looking around.

Global news – both good and bad – has been playing on the D BOyz’ antics this week. Today was no different – so when someone woke up to carnage news from the US (W Street), the depressed Boyz walked into D Street with one aim – keeping the SENSEX depressed. So if 2 days back, they were dancing to Hindi film songs, today, they started their day  350 points down and did not look like they could get out of the trauma – as news of US investors moving away form developing markets was all they heard. The see-saw of the week was too much for them to handle, and they let go of the SENSEX that fell 2.6% today or 434 points down to 15790. This is also about 660 points down from beginning of the week and the third week in a row that saw a downward SENSEX.


The Russian lady is recuperating in the Moscow hospital, but down south, the accident victim lay in the middle of the road for another 18 hours and was traced by his distraught parents. They had visited the police station and various hospitals in the preceding hours searching for their son. They were shocked to see him lying dead in a pool of dried blood – no-one knows if he was alive when his girlfriend was transported to the hospital or even when the cops came to pick his motorcycle up. No-one also knows if he would have survived the multiple injuries and trauma, even if rescued by the cops. But that is the tale of developing countries, where if one is taken to the hospital in time, one has a fair chance of survival, but the moot question is IF.

On that rather red note – I leave you to spend your weekend safely. Remember that many of us still live in developing countries where basic services, sometimes, are lacking. So being safe is better than being sorry….

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