Looking for the Suitable Boy

Update for 17 February 2010

The hunt for a “suitable boy” is the most engaged activity – anywhere, I presume. But in a society that typically frowns upon “girl meet boy, fall in love”, this gathers significant importance with a slight twist in India as mothers, her sisters, her aunts, her grannies, her cousins, her grand-aunts, and every other female relative she has will drop everything down to go look for the suitable boy. The zeal and enthusiasm that is shown in such activities is at times overwhelming. Suitable Boys are invited out to family events, like the christening of a nephew’s son-in-law’s cousin’s wife’s sister’s son, where he is met very enthusiastically and almost immediately treated as family (though the Boy would be quite confused on who the wife is and which is the sister and who the son-in-law is and which cousin arranged this meeting). The over-fussing grows if the Suitable Boy is from overseas. You see, many Indians left our shores and sailed across seven seas in search of education, work and better life; so mothers of brides-to-be will polish up on their English to be able to communicate with their would-be-sons-in-law. Never mind, if the boy only went to the Arabian peninsula to work as a labourer on a construction site, and his co-workers were from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and none spoke or wrote English; and neither did the suitable boy! But if the Boys were from the Americas carrying their bisleri bottles (or baaddles of waadder), communication would get tougher – the accent is not easy to catch, leave alone some words. Mothers don’t care too much for Suitable Boys from Australia – who knows when they would get beaten up, or worse, start beating up? Boys from Africa are sized up to see if they had any African traits, and only then categorised into the Suitable Boys list; of course, the mothers don’t do that directly, they have ways to figure it out! Now Suitable Boys from Europe can be dicey – many of them don’t speak English, and one cannot make out whether they were former stowaways or part of a dance troupe that went for a cultural performance to the Slovak Republic and disappeared thereafter! But never mind all the above, Mothers of brides-to-be will still fuss over the Boys from overseas, while the Indian Boy waits his time out to get lucky – don’t forget that the female to male ratio in India still less than 1!!

As Indian companies looked for Suitable Matches from overseas – the D Boyz looked on with bated breath. But relief was in store as one metal company announced that its overseas arm was taking a break; the D Boyz cheered that company; (in other words saying – Look we warned you about lazy British Boyz!);  while the fact that another one just lost out on a potential Reliable American match, the Boyz cheered louder (thank God the Americans have a recession – it makes the D Street Boyz look like multi-Billionaires now). So if their cheer took the SENSEX up 160 points in the morning – nothing could push it down and keep it down; so the SENSEX bounced and stayed on course above 200 points to end 202 points up at 16428!

Some migrants would sometimes turn tables on the Mothers of Brides-to-be, by going on a Bride Hunt! The difference in this hunt is that the hunter is not chasing, but gets chased by the to-be-hunted, want-to-be-hunted, wish-i-was-young-to-be-hunted and other such species!!!! And life goes on, like it always used to…..


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