It’s Party Time

Update for week ended 5 March 2010

Parties are occasions to flaunt and fete. Success is the most oft used reason to celebrate and throw lavish parties. So film folk in the country get together at grand ballrooms of 5 star hotels to flaunt their new found successes. They always arrive late, and get out of the car wearing their trademark sunglasses (never mind if the hotel lobby does not have floodlights or it is close to midnight) and with their mobile phone stuck to one ear. They are always searching – not for their partners or friends, but the cameramen with their flashbulbs – note that some of these cameramen may not even be photographers, but actors paid to appear at these venues to “play” their roles. They then sashay into the party hall and make their loud entry so that people notice them, and air kiss and wave out to their rivals (whom they secretly wish to murder or destroy), and pretend to be happy and boisterous. The other parties that sometimes resemble movie star bashes are thrown by social butterflies. They are similar to movie parties, except that the butterflies flit and float about the party room wearing something “fashionable” and always ensure the presswallas are close by to write about them. And frankly, no-one knows what each butterfly does for a living and who invited them to the party; sometimes the butterflies don’t even know the hosts – they turn up almost like a habit. The corporate “corpo” parties can be drab or fun filled depending on whether there is an “item” at the party or not. So loud music, dancing girls and boys, imported drinks and good freebies will ensure success at these dos; else tight collars and stiff upper lips will rule and ruin the party. Family functions like weddings and other such occasions have their rituals and associated colour and sound. Noisy, colourful and at times chaotic. And kiddie parties these days have started getting a little more organized and losing some of its innocence and charm. But then there are some sombre parties, which are not really parties, but more like memorial services where people gather and feast in remembrance of a soul that passed away. But the melancholy notwithstanding, people still leave these parties thanking the host for the good food!! So they still celebrate something.

It was party time after the successful release of a blockbuster last weekend – at D Street. So if the “Budget Blooms” was a hit among the D Boyz who returned to the box-office last week to buy more tickets – this week they spent much of the first half partying. They pulled the SENSEX with them to dizzying heights of 17000. And then some of the Boyz had to attend some sombre memorial parties on Thursday which dropped the SENSEX a bit, but at the end of it, they really enjoyed the sumptuous meals, and so gave the party host a thank-you and nod on Friday – closing at 16994. Pigging out on good food, drinks and general bonhomie helped the D Boyz gain about 3.5% more weight around their SENSEX. But like they say, weight around the middle is a sign of prosperity!

Much of the partying in India is preferred in large spaces, so that people can move around and socialize and meet and greet. The only time they want to sit is to eat! Quite unlike the westerners or even the Chinese, who prefer sit-down parties and hate buffet meals and Indians will be shocked to know that cocktails in New York start at 6 pm and end at 6:30 pm – yes that is not a typo error! A new Indian in Manhattan will surely miss those cocktails … imagine having to reach early and not have enough time to even have a couple of drinks!!!   

So which party are you attending this weekend! Be safe and enjoy!



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