Lying on the Couch – Ouch!

Update for fortnight ended 19 March 2010

Suresh was lying on his couch watching the interesting cricket match on TV when he moved a little to grab the remote control. The contraption was wedged in between the seat cushions and when he reached into the crevice to pull it out, he felt a sharp sting – almost like a sharp nail poke into his index finger. Suresh winced, pulled out his hand and shook it to ease the pain. The match was interesting and the action was getting lively and Suresh postponed his trip to the wash-basin to wash his now bleeding finger. But soon, the finger started stinging and the pain got worse. Suresh had to leave the TV action to attend to his bleeding finger. He used the first aid kit in the bathroom closet to sanitise and bandaged it and returned to the exciting match on TV. That night, Suresh could not sleep well, not only because of his aching finger, but also a fever that developed later. He decided to see a doctor first thing in the morning. He showed his bruised and swollen finger to the doctor who gave him the anti-tetanus shot and a few pills for the fever and advised rest for the day, the doctor surmised that it was an infection from a rusty nail or pin used by a careless carpenter on the old sofa. Suresh returned home, rested and spent much of the day on the couch watching inane TV soaps that he had missed last night. The next day, Suresh’s finger pain did not subside, and he noticed that not only the finger, but his palm was getting heavier and bluer. He felt something amiss and decided to head to a hospital nearby. The OPD docs took a good look at the hand, the finger and the wound. They noticed 2 sharp bite-marks and questioned Suresh on the incident. The symptoms seemed to suggest poisoning and not an infection from a rusty nail or pin. But Suresh was adamant that it was not a bite, yet he was in two minds here and surmised that maybe it was a pesky pest, a rat! The docs didn’t want to take a chance and so administered him an anti-venom serum and asked him to report for checkups every 6 hours. Suresh looked skeptically at the doctor and went home. That evening, his hand felt lighter, the pain seemed to have subsided and he had no fever. The next morning, there was no pain at all and barring the bruise scab; he was fit as a fiddle. Of-course, he still went to the hospital for checkups – and the docs were pleased with his progress. Suresh went back home to catch the exciting matches on TV – sprawled on his favourite couch.

The D Boyz are enjoying the cricket matches these days and bringing the stadium enthusiasm onto D Street. So the SENSEX is getting spiffy and perky. Except for a little set-back when it fell on 10 March; perhaps some bites on fingers caused them to pause their excitement. Overall – the past fortnight has been perky for the SENSEX taking it to 17578 – a good 600 points up! There have been some flattish days – maybe like Suresh’s homestay after the doc and hospital visit. The inflow of foreign funds has also perked up the Rupee; notwithstanding the dollars that we have to pay for the international cricketers in the country as well as the cheerful cheerleaders.

Suresh did not have to sit too long on the couch, as he felt something move under the cushion. Sensing that it was perhaps the rat, he jumped up and shrieked. And out wriggled – not a rat, but a ratsnake!! “Ouch”, thought Suresh, “the hospital docs were indeed right. The bitemarks on my finger was that of a snake, albeit a non-poisonous one.” Not knowing what to do, he grabbed the TV remote and aimed it at the snake, hitting it with one blow. He quickly brought in a stick and thrashed the lifeless reptile, before bagging it and walking to the hospital. He met the doctor who treated him and showed him the evidence. And who says that people living in Mumbai don’t live in a jungle. Perhaps the snake had lived in the comfy couch cushion for a long time.

After a fortnight of silence, it is nice to share some stories from Mumbai and D Street. Do let me know if you enjoy them. Have a nice weekend and maybe, clean your couch, rearrange your bookshelf; you don’t want unusual surprises or unexpected visits to the docs, do you?


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