Nature Study on the window sill

Update as of 13 April 2010
“The chillies have ripened”, exclaimed a wide-eyed Yash. He had turned 5 this morning and was excited to wake up early on his birthday, although he didn’t have to go to school. His mother had been trying to teach him about nature and plants and so had planted a seedling chilli plant in a pot and set it on the window sill beside Yash’s bed. Yash had seen the little plant grow – initially with two green leaves, then more and even get a few branches. His excitement was palpable when he noticed a few “leaf balls” on the top of the chilli plant – which his mother explained were flower buds. Till then, Yash’s association with flowers were the cut roses that his mother sometimes arranged on a vase or the marigold garland that she adorned her prayer deities with. And two days later, Yash saw the most unusal flowers that he had set his little eyes on, they were small, white and faced downwards like an umbrella without a handle. He knew how to count and counted five such flowers. he was so excited that it coincided with his age – he would turn five in a few days. And as days passed, he would gaze at the potted plant and help his mother in watering it as the flowers gave way to the long green chillies that seemed to grow longer each day. And then they stopped growing and stayed green. His mother then revealed the next facet of the chilli – that it would ripen to a bright red. Yash’s excitement knew no bounds, and he wanted to see the glowing red chillies that very moment. “Patience, my dear child”, chided his mother,”it will not happen so soon. Perhaps it will ripen on your birthday”. And with that happy thought, little Yash trotted away, knowing that his birthday would not only mean sweets for his friends, new clothes, and perhaps a “surprise gift”, but also ripe red chillies on his windowsill. Being the anxious 5 year old, he went to sleep on the day prior to his fifth birthday, with just one thought in his head – ” the chillies will ripen tomorrow morning”. And like a true wishes they did. Not one chilli, but two.  
The last two days on D Street have been different from the previous ones – in the manner that the D Boyz have been painting reds instead of going green. So till Friday last, when the SENSEX was green and going up – almost touching the psychological 18000 levels, the last 2 days have seen falls, mild ones, but red indeed to take the SENSEX down about 112 points to 17821. Some people avered that the D Boyz were a worrIRDA lot and not sure if they were SEBIng enough. Whatever they think and do, the D Boyz will perhaps look out for the real action – corporate results that start hitting D Street soon, for their next steps. Meanwhile, they are ready to celebrate Vishu, Bihu, Poila Boishakh, Baisakhi tomorrow. And here, they need not be worried about green or red – yellow or orange is the preferred choice – so ripe mangoes, jackfruits, bananas, golden wheat and the yellow laburnums, it will be.
Yash is not fond of spicy or hot food, but he will perhaps let his mother pick the ripe chillies, dry them and use them to make the chutney powder that she soaks her idlis, steamed rice dumplings, in. Idli and MulagaPodi  is something Yash likes for breakfast.
Wishing you all a very happy New Year, Baisakhi, Vishu.

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