Mountains of fire and Smoke

Update for week ended 23 April 2010

For over 10 years of my life, I lived within 200 kms of 3 large volcanoes. Luckily for me, these were dormant and have perhaps remained this way for centuries or perhaps millenia. I did go on a driving expedition on one of them – (refer to Mountain Climibing – dated 1 Dec 2009; and also saw another one, from a distance though, but with the rolling grasslands in the foreground when I met the Morans ( The third one is still on my to do list. And I believe it is quite dramatic. But another volcano has been hogging enough of air space recently and spewing ash and lava unsettling the usually ruly, disciplined caucasians of the Northern Hemisphere. So what started as mild smoke and ash emission, has made Iceland the most known country in Europe for the moment. So when people saw the flat countryside splashed on most TV News stories, questions arose in naive minds – but how is this Iceland – I can see green fields and what looks like a farm with cattle and horses? So that is one more myth debunked – that not all names can be taken at face value – just as another neighbouring island which is usually snow and ice covered throughout the year is actually called Greenland! The volcanic activity did increase during the week and after the miles-high clouds of ash and smoke, reports of lava jets shooting out of the volcano also caused some anxiety. Volcanoes throw out from the earth’s inner core, so the ash and smoke is a result of the hot air and soil layer getting to the surface and higher – and if lava starts flowing, then it indicates that the molten layer at the earth’s core has been able to get an outlet, bringing equilibrium to the unsettled volcano. Hopefully, it should settle down to just lava floes and reduced air disruption, and people can get back to their daily chores across Europe.

This is also Earth Week, and various organisations have been trying to go green. Note that “Trying” is the keyword; because to me most of their activities seemed aimed at advertising or upping popularity stakes. So if a bank beleaguered by bad debts to a Windmill manufacturer, “buys” some windmills and then announces that it supports a green environment, it doesnt sound right, right? Or if another company arranges a seedling planting drive in its car park – just to leave the seedlings there – to bake and die in the sun; you can see through the lip service.

And just before someone shuts the computer down and room lights off now, I must bid adieu for the weekend..


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