What Fantastic Is Life?

Update for week ended 30 April 2010

Sometimes a little magic can stir up quite a whirl and change the course of one’s destiny. Sometimes, it is difficult to contain and therefore control and so can go haywire, setting off a string of “boo boos”. Take the case of the 5 teenagers who have a Fantastic Life. When they were simple teenagers just into a college, getting adjusted to dealing with adult life; they still lead an innocent life like true teens. The tall and handsome, multi-talented guy stood by his friends despite devious attempts by the college spoilt brat to woo him. The famous film star’s daughter still kept her identity under wraps because she wanted to be part of this simple gang. The cry-baby was always supported while the talkative twins were always tolerated – for one’s bad rhymes and for the other’s bad temper. They were always together whatever the circumstances. But when magic comes by their way, they suddenly lose their charm. The twin bro stumbles onto the magic potion accidentally in a bookstore warehouse; that just turns their lives upside down and inside out. And the dangers of getting something that is so powerful plays out. So what essentially started off as a nice breezy life, suddenly gets spooky, scary and downright frightening; despite being the best part of a teen’s life – the summer holidays. Clearly something needs to be done to correct this. I know the kids will find a way to balance out the magic and I know they can rely on their dependable English and Hindi teachers. At times, they may have to seek their parents’ help, to get them out of the sticky situations. But at the end of it, they would not only have been through a roller coaster of a life, but have lost their sweet charm and innocence.

This week started off with some breezy flows on D Street. But as soon as some European gypsies whispered some spells about a Greek party going bad; the tumble started. So the D Boyz took a 300 point drop, off the limestone cliffs on the Aegean Sea; and then tried to swim ashore; but the not too kind seas kept the Boyz floating and away from safe shores for a couple of days before letting them scramble back onto the beaches. The Boyz rested and then trudged their way back up the hilly slopes to finally end the week a little battered – down 136 points to end at 17558. So, like the Teens from the Fantastic Life, their simple living has suddenly got decided by a destiny that they don’t control. The D Boyz are still unsure why the Greek party spoiled theirs; especially since they did not even like Greek Moussaka. But D Street is not unfamiliar with this, like we all know.

So the teens will have to learn to get past some of the magic potion outfalls. They still miss their cry baby friend; while the twin-bro is no longer harangued by the screaming fatso. And the magic potion can do different tricks at different times and no-one knows what lies ahead. So like the D Boyz, the Teens will also lead a life of mystery and unraveling despite this being their summer vacation.

Have a nice weekend; and for music aficionados, try and catch the warbling nightingale tomorrow night singing a song she first sang 50 years ago.


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