The Journey from Start to Finish?

Update for week ended 25 June 2010

Sometimes, exploring new cities and towns on foot can be lots of fun. At times not, but you have no choice. Take for example, the small hilltop town of Matheran in Western India – this forest on the hill is a no motorized vehicle zone; so you will see no cars, two-wheelers or any other gas guzzlers; and the only way to move around this town is either on foot or on horseback. And going by Indian standards, there is little signage on the streets or lanes that are actually dirt tracks crisscrossing the wooded terrain. This can lead to some tragicomic incidents, like this guy who went from the rail station towards the cottage by the lake, but took the wrong turn and ended up back at the rail station. (For those with puzzled looks, rail is the easiest way to get into this town – as you ride the toy train up the hill and right into the town centre; the other option is to drive your car up the hill to a parking lot 3 kms short of the town, and then trekking up, with your luggage, et al). And another incident, where instead of turning left from the lake, this guy turned to the right, only to slip down a few hundred feet onto a ledge behind a waterfall; lucky for him that the ledge did not give way, else he would not have survived to tell the tale. Well, experience tells me that even in the western countries, one can get lost in the maze of the lanes, bylanes, despite carrying a map. I spent 45 minutes one tired evening getting from the seafront of a canal town in north-western Italy, towards my hotel along the main canal; but ended up at the seafront after the tired trudge. The alleys were narrow, and landmarks few, for people to actually retrace or trace their steps. My horrified accompanists on this “expedition” had to be mollified with cones of frozen, but delicious gelato, local ice-cream with little cream!

The D Boyz also seem to be in a zone of alleys and lanes that crisscross each other and with little distinguishing landmarks, ending up this week where they started off on Monday… So if the D boyz perked up the SENSEX for 3 days; they retraced their steps on the last two to end exactly 4 points away from last week’s level – at 17574. So one day the D Boyz gave reliance to the sometimes warring, sometimes hugging brothers; and on another got spooked out by inflating grocery bills and petrol prices; and a potential threat that their banker may hike their interest rates. But I think the real reason is the Boyz are dejected that Gauls will not meet the Romans; but I urge them to take heart and watch out for the clash of beer and ale! So this weekend seems to have some interesting things to look forward to. 

The journey of start to finish for the soul of Satyavan started at the base of the banyan tree and it almost ended at the gates of the netherworld – the place from where no-one returns, but a perseverant wife, Savitri’s ingeniousness, helped bring him back to life at the base of that tree. So women across India celebrate today for that woman who defied even the God of Death!

Have a nice weekend; Cheers…


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