Naughty Forty

Update for week ended 16 July 2010

40 – the magic number that many dread and only a few look forward to is quite unlike the cusp between childhood and teens or between teens and adulthood, because this is not the official age that borders youth and old; but in some way it is a turning point. Physiologically, the doctors and researchers tell us that this is the time when our body metabolism slows down and we start adding to middle at this middle age. This is also a “trigger” point for bifocals or hypermetropia and so regular eye checkups start, as also other medical examinations. But those who don’t bother with such bodily trivia look forward to this age because it is fabled to be the one when one turns naughty. And with this naughtiness sometimes comes knottiness that can be avoided. So men indulge in their childhood passions and women look around for interesting company and both turn naughty in their respective endeavours, at times, resulting in relationship knots. Take the case of this film star who started fading when he turned forty and to add sparkle to starry life, he decided to get back to school (college actually) in his next film. Forget the fact that he was paunchy and going bald, and needed to dye his hair at least twice a month; but he grabbed the tightest knitted Tee Shirt, stuffed his torso into it and covered his head with a cap and sang ditties to the teenage heroine. It is a different story that no-one remembers this movie and very few remember the over forty film star. Or this model who scribbles a lot of words, on reaching this threshold age, had to meet the best cosmetic surgeon in town to tuck away those emerging crowfeet and smoothen her wrinkly fingers. She continues her trysts with the scalpel and has an alibi in a sibling who is an ace photographer. She maybe over sixty now, but tries to look and act like under thirty five. Hmm…. I don’t understand the insecurities people have with this magic age of naughty forties. This is naught my cup of Darjeeling. I just love this age, when I can do as a child, because it is a fabled thing to do, while at the same time, I can still demand some respect for my age. Thank you.

The D Boyz are a jittery lot these days – while last week, they wove wave patterns; this week they stuck to their naughty forties. Some days, they pushed the SENSEX up 46 points, on others they pulled it down 48 points and even today they nudged it up 44 points. At the end of this week, despite a reviving monsoon, a not so bad industrial production figure, a plateau-ing inflation; the SENSEX moved only 122 points up to end at 17955. The enthusiastic D Boyz did however try to break their forties curse by starting the week piercing the 18000 point ceiling, but given their weak constitution – they did not maintain it, and let go.

This weekend is going to be one for forty winks – as I catch up for the sleepless past weekends (despite “accurate” octopus predictions) and keeping our date with the grey clouds laden with heavy rain in the afternoons. I would have loved to indulge in my childhood passions of baking and art; or combining the two, but let us see which side of my forty wins – the naughty one or the knotty one!

Have a nice weekend… Cheers..

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