Have you ever been on a diet?

Update for week ended 13 August 2010 

Have you ever been on a diet? No I am not referring to times when you travelled to the Far East and could not unscramble what was served to you; or when you visited the Americas and could not gather the strength to eat through the almost uncooked – and truly rare meats! Or when you wanted to be adventurous in the African game reserve and were not game to the game being served. I am referring to voluntary diets that are self imposed to achieve a goal. The goal could be anything – losing weight, shaping up, toning up or even gaining weight and a few times more sublime and ethereal. Well, I will focus my next few lines on the goal that millions aim to achieve – losing weight. The choice of this diet is driven by the aim to achieve the maximum by giving up the minimum. So you gather all information you can on all possible diets – then zero in on the most “effective” (effective from the dieter’s point of view). And the day you start, you make a loud announcement – sometimes subtly, but mostly for everyone to give you those approving looks. Don’t consider those approving faces as encouragement, but they are disdain or smirks hidden behind those stretched cheeks – almost laughing out on the failure of the purported outcome. Well that is the way the world is. So take it in your stride and dive into day 1. Follow the diet to the T. You avoid conversations with your colleagues in office lest they tempt you to the coffee machines; you carry little boxes of specially prepared lunch from home and grandly announce how it tastes so good! (it actually tastes good, because you are famished at lunch time, so you can wolf down anything). And then by mid afternoon – your cravings start – initially as low rumbles in your abdomen, and then manifest in incoherence, light headedness, lack of concentration and at times even drowsiness. No – this is not the panic moment – it is just your mind playing games. If the dieter overcomes these – he has a future in dieting; and so at the end of the day, he feels ecstatic. One milestone achieved, a few more to go and the goal already looks achievable. The next day is tougher, because the food deficit adds up (and actually doubles) and the food is now actually like it is – bland. This is more reason for quitters to call it a day. And many actually drop out. But those that persevere – get into day 3 with a lot of hope and a spring in their step – as they get used to the reduced eating. Perhaps the body learns to live off its reserves, and the occasional flirtations with the last biscuit in the meeting room, or an additional coffee in mid morning – actually don’t happen. And then this moves onto the fourth, by when the body actually realizes that the end is near – not the end of its existence, but of the diet! This is the tricky day – because although you know that you are on the last leg, the body for some strange reason, thinks that you are going to get disabled (perhaps because of the last leg bit) and gets into an emergency situation – it sends signals to the brain to get refurbishments – cakes, cream, desserts, – name it and the brain will demand it. Now that will be a disaster for the poor soul who wants to achieve his weight loss goal – his soul fights his brain, his eyes, his tongues, his lips, his taste buds, and somehow ends a miserable day. And finally on the day the goal is set for, you wake up with a twinkle in your eye, a spring in your step, and give it your best shot. After all, you won’t have to go through it for long. So the day ends on a great note. It feels even better, when you stand on the weighing scale and actually see the goal. So you shout out your yippee and it is time to crack that bottle of bubbly – and indulge… 

The D Street was buzzing with excitement this week, as the D Boyz planned their next move. They wanted to go on a Diet. So they started Monday on a high note, but the next day their shortfall in food intake doubled, for them to double over – this worried the SENSEX which dipped and then the D Boyz strived harder on Wednesday and came out tops as they triumphed over their internal devils. And then as they got into Thursday – looked ahead to the weekend and suddenly – they could not control themselves. They went berserk and although they would have loved to kilos, they instead lost their marbles and the SENSEX slid too. But the few Boyz who stayed on till Friday, woke up with a spring in their step and twinkle in their eye, as they helped perk up the Street and SENSEX to end the week on a happy note – 18144 to 18167. And you thought they dieted to lose their SENSEX figure?

This week saw the start of the Hindu holy month of Shravan when many devouts and some not so devout, stay away from meat and other animal products; and yesterday was the start of the holy month of Ramzan (Ramadhan) when many Muslims fast all through the day. There are reasons beyond just religion that at times have started off these cultural food controls, and one could perhaps try to learn these instead of passing them off as religious mumbo jumbo. And if it is done as a group effort and with a strong belief, I have seen that the ability to endure these strict diets are not as torturous as they seem. Wishing all a happy holy month.

Have a nice weekend – Jai Hind …..


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