They don’t make movies like this, these days

Update for week ended 27 August 2010

I was still reeling under the influence of the “dishoom dishoom”, heady dialogues, screechy heroine, loud background scores and unusual movie title of the film that I saw. 405 Miles is not a conventional Hindi film title, and not even if it is prefixed with the word Bombay. But that was perhaps an attempt to draw in the crowds for the thriller, action, drama movie that could have raked in the moolah for the producer. A bunch of goons escaping Delhi after a foiled crime, (I could almost visualise the Organising Committee Chairman and his ilk of the CommonWealthy games) onto a goods train. Now that is a different one; (the diamond thieves from Mumbai actually flew out in style on an English/Emirati aircraft); but these goons chose the incognito route. And guess what – they bump into an old man and a little girl on the same train…. Now that is quite an absurd way of meeting anyone – I know that Indian railways can get crowded and people are often seen travelling on the roofs, if not sitting in the corridors, outside the loos, even in the vestibule railing; but imagine travelling in a goods train compartment. But Hindi films will be what they are – and much before reaching its destination – Bombay – the old man kicks the bucket; but says his dying words – “take care of this girl, she is worth millions”… and you guessed right – the man dies 405 miles before reaching Bombay. So that is where the thrill, action, drama all begins… The “tan de nan” trumpets, trombones blow in the background setting the pace for the rest of the movie… Of course, I got a headache, as did the 5 others in the near empty movie theatre, and before the screechy anglicized heroine could sing another song (her first song was worth the wait – and those who know this lady, will vouch for it; but this song was of lost love and other such sad thoughts), we reeled out of the 405 miles…  My head was swimming, and I could not walk down steadily out of the theatre. The partly damaged steps did not help steady our climb down, and we almost tumbled out. 405 miles traversed in not so long a time!!!!

This week was when the D Boyz thought of all things nice. Their Malayali colleagues had served up a good “sadhya” (meal on a plantain leaf) and their sisters tied colourful silk threads on their wrists for their protection. But poor D Boyz, who would protect them from the torture of the 405 mile ride; seems like they also endured the escaping goons (were these the FIIs pulling money out of D Street); and tried to board the goods train out — but the heady noises from across the seven seas was too much to handle, and they lost the handle on their lady love – SENSEX. Before she (the SENSEX) could belt out her sad song, they abandoned their work 405 points down…. This week SENSEX is sadly that many points down at 17998.

The angry man from a small town, the suave goon from Punjab, the sultry half German – half Muslim lady are quite a formidable combination, but individually. I guess it is difficult to throw in thrill, comedy, love triangle, lost and found theme, musical, into a Western style title. Or was it the goods train? I know not, but now I know that a good looking hero, a dialogue spewing second hero and a fabulous looking heroine do not necessarily gel well…. So I will stick to watching TV with my little girls – cartoons are evergreen and truly a lot of fun…

Have a nice weekend… Cheers…

p.s. The events depicted in this writing are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.


One thought on “They don’t make movies like this, these days

  1. Suggest animated movies from Studio Ghibli (Japanese) (dubbed in English) – girls (if little) will love it.
    Awesome connection between the quantum of the Sensex’s drop and the movie! Here’s how the desi fund managers would croon to the FIIs, “Na na na…yeh kya karne lage ho” – [in case you were awake, this is a song from the said movie]

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