Girls and Cosmetics

Update for week ended 24 September 2010

How times change. When I was a kid, the only cosmetic I knew of was the talcum powder, the ubiquitous kohl (or kajal) and an occasional perfume that my mother sprayed onto my frock when invited to a “fancy” party. But today’s children know the difference between lipstick and lip gloss; they can tell you what SPF stands for, and know that an eye shadow is lightly worn during the day, but enhanced for night parties. They know the difference between the lemony and floral notes of the perfume and woody scents of a cologne. They are also choosy. I have never clamoured near the cosmetic shelves of the nearby store or supermart or even near my mother’s dressing table. But the modern day child knows which shampoo is good for the hair and which one gives that extra bounce in the hair. Owe it to the consumerism that is sweeping through India, or the fact that information is so easily available that a kid in Bangalore knows what are the latest trends on Fifth Avenue, New York. But let us rethink – I grew up in a slightly more consumerist society in a newly born African republic. It was a country that still reconnected with its colonial past and had practically all the brands that would be available in Good Ol Blighty; so afternoon drinks were juiced up with Ribena; and morning breakfasts were either Post Toasties or Weetabix; Lucozade was the refresher after a sports day; and more such connects. And yet, apart from Yardley powder that my mother dabbed on my face each morning before dressing me up for school, I don’t remember seeing or even being interested in the other powders or pastes that could help adorn the face. But as I now raise a 10 year old girl, I am suddenly in awe of her awareness and at times embarrassed at my ignorance. Consumerism has arrived at the Indian shores, and so what if our largest superstores or supermarkets are not even considered large in villages of UK and the US, we are slowly getting there.

And now I know that the D Boyz have their D Girlz; else how would one explain their celebration party at D Street this week, when the SENSEX climbed onto a 20,000 pedestal twice this week – and on the back of consumer product or with cosmetic giant help? The SENSEX at 20045 seems so elegant to all on D Street, that people have forgiven the bad boys of the Commonwealth Infamy or even a political wannabe who bloodily beat up his own “partyman”. As the beautification of D Street continues; perhaps it is time to spread it out to the stadia and the games villages. D Boyz – do you want to share your tips with the Delhi Boyz – or better still why not ask the D Girlz to advise them… ?

I am a regular reader of Making Sense of the SEN*** and have been asked to guest write in this column this week and thanks to the regular writer for giving me this space to air my views. And like a true lady, I have a little present for him – a small hamper of cosmetics to pamper him. Some Dead Sea salt scrubs; a moisturizer; a mint shampoo and bath salt pearls to help him relax. I hope he likes it.

Have nice weekend…


One thought on “Girls and Cosmetics

  1. Today’s children may know their correctors from their concealers, but today’s vain men are not behind. So, it’s not just “girls and cosmetics” anymore. We’ve reached true gender equality. Babri Masjid is rejected in favour of barbers and masseurs. Doesn’t your barber, bless him, try to cross you some facial or hair weave or hair colour job every time you visit him to crop the crop? Perhaps. The barbers are just responding to the welling demand – just turn right or left in his shop to figure out!

    Skim through my post on the male insanity sweeping India these days : wall…/

    And I have data to prove it. The number of times that people (i guess men) have stumbled onto my website using weird search terms like “how to become fair naturally for men”, “world fairness best cream boy” and “best fairness cream for muslim boys” is just stagerring. Every day there’s at least one!
    Here’s an unsoliciated tip (not the D Boyz style of tipping) – if you want the footfalls on your site to increase, just write about men’s fairness creams.

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