Closet Chef – Moi

Update for week ended 1 October 2010

I must admit that I am a foodie, and for those who have seen me lately, you will vouch for it. And despite being a vegetarian and to a large extent a vegan, I still look fondly at some food that I have not and will never taste. I have been fascinated at how chefs rustle up really scrumptious food from plain flour and smelly eggs; or how moms can turn boring everyday lunches to gourmet experiences. I must admit that I have been pampered all my life with people who make my food really appetizing; exactly the opposite of a famous Hindi proverb “ ghar ki murgi daal baraabar” – home-made chicken equals plain daal. When I got married, I shared my little recipe book with my wife, and she was shocked to see a recipe for a prawn cocktail, knowing fully well that I cringed my nose at the Omelette she ordered on our honeymoon. But I had the recipe for the sheer joy of seeing those baby pink prawns arranged so very beautifully in a cup and dunked in mayo and set to rest on a crisp green lettuce leaf. Yummy, to look at, and my fish eating friends can vouch that it tastes yumm too. So no surprise that I am a great fan of this Australian reality show currently being shown on Indian TV that revolves around amateur chefs taking on challenges to stay on the show to be finally named the Master. I really like this show despite the copious amount of meat, fish and crustaceans that are displayed, trimmed, carved, marinated, braised, broiled, cooked and finally served up on a plate so beautifully, that I too can taste the crunchy, smoky flavours, when the judges chew and toss the food around their palates. And of course, another I reason why I like it is because of the pace of the activities, brisk and the doing away of the Indian money spinner – “vote for your favourite contestant” routine. So we see contestants fight it out for real stakes. And the food they serve up are so diverse and colourful and to the say the least, unusual, at least to an Indian eye. And the unusual one that I would like to talk of today is the poached pear, cheese and spinach pizza (I forgot the real name given to this mystery box challenge creation). The saltiness of the cheese rightly balanced by the sweetness of the spinach and the pear and all of this presented on a freshly made crunchy pizza base. Now the only time I have had sweetish taste on my Indian pizza is when they cut up pineapple and toss them in to make it look Hawaiian; but I don’t particularly care for that prickly compound fruit and so I avoid it – but I will perhaps try a pear, spinach and cheese pizza.

Colour and multitudes of it was visible on D Street this week. It almost felt like the D Boyz were participating in the D street version of the cookery reality show – as some of the Boyz rustled up the reddish and full of heat dishes on some days – dropping the SENSEX below the 20000 mark, while on others, it dressed it up with spinach , salad greens, flat parsley and coriander to prop it up again. And at the end of the week, all the D Boyz were beaming, as was their street (perhaps explaining why the realty stocks did well)  and must have collected quite a lot of money (explaining how the banking stocks did well) to finally have a SENSEX move up 2% to tumble into October at 20445.

I hear that an Indian version of this Ozzie cookery program is in the works, and I really cringe at the thought that it will be judged by a movie star, not a chef (so what if he street cooked at Pat Pong or some such place) and going by the standards set by the channel, I am worried that it will get carried away by TRPs and introduce a “Saas bahu version” or a “Dukhi beti” one or “Bechari Bitiya section”….. and I am ready to kungfu or karate the Judge if he does a 20 year leap in the show or get the ladies to be dressed as brides while chopping their bottle gourds, doodhis…..

Oh! before I get carried away further, let me wish you a good weekend and if you are dining out, do share with me your fascinating experiences. I am a foodie and I am sure I will love it.


One thought on “Closet Chef – Moi

  1. I swear I did not read your post before I typed in mine! But the similarity – at least of colours comprising the edible gooey are quite similar. 🙂

    But in my case, cooking is a necessity (staying alone from family for some time) as opposed to an avocation – but yes, the creativity does surface sometimes. Of course, the presentation of the food, vegan or otherwise is the most critical part.

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