The Snowy Slope

Update for week ended 29 October 2010

It isn’t Christmas, nor snowing on the slope of Cumballa and Pali Hill, but I enjoyed sledging down a snowy slope just recently. The crispy cold mountain air was not particularly rare, we were at least 14000 ft above mean sea level, and spent about 3 hours to get there. The snowy white surroundings were actually blinding. Thankfully it was a cloudy day and so not as blinding as it could be. And on the slope was this strapping 6 ft something Swiss lad standing next to the “sledge hut” where tourists could hire a sledge for a few francs and use it for the rest of the day. I was anxious to try it and so rented a nice red one. I cajoled my younger daughter to join me on the ride downhill. She was unaware of the thrill of the ride and agreed to join me and so we settled onto the seat, held onto the “reins” and then the Swiss lad gave a nudge. Wheee…. That is how I screamed and my daughter was dumbfounded and just stared ahead. Our hearts leapt into our mouths as our stomachs churned when the sledge went down the slope in fits and bursts. The fits were when the gradient was steep and the bursts were when there were mild bumps that actually gave you that shove upwards and helped trap the speed a bit. It was really fun and we were almost at the end of the slope and had not yet veered off the path or tripped or fallen off. That was also making us feel good, until the clouds burst open and a storm brewed. Wind suddenly blew into our faces and the snow blizzards marred our vision. We lost control and fell off the sledge. I looked around for help and fortunately saw a little tunnel nearby and grabbed my daughter’s hand, asked her to keep looking down to avoid the sharp shards of stinging snow on our faces as we rushed into the tunnel that was less blitzy.

Climbing up the SENSEX charts this week, the D Boyz at D Street were all smiles and excited at the pristine surroundings that they could survey from those dizzying heights. They had not scaled to the top of the their SENSEX ever, and the view was fantastic, but the urge to use the contraptions around them was too tempting for them to stay longer. They quickly got onto their D Street Sledges and “wheee..ed” their way along. They were enjoying their little rides, but were suddenly upset by the unexpected storm that blew in from the west onto their streets. They toppled over and so did the SENSEX as it dipped below 20,000 after staying there and above since 1 October. But the Boyz scrambled around today and managed to get onto their feet today as the SENSEX steadied to 20032, about 133 points down from last week.

 The tunnel was a snazzy one. It went up the slope and had an motorized escalator on the side, so we didn’t have to labour hard to climb up. I held onto the side-rails and asked my daughter if she was fine. She was still shells hocked – first from the downhill ride, and then the blizzard that blinded. But her hands were ice-cold. Her eyes still sparkled and had not yet started welling up, so I quickly distracted her and rubbed her palms to keep her warm. Thanks to the oversized coat she wore, she could easily “tuck” in her palms into the warm sleeves. I enjoyed the ride and the blizzard, but rue the fact that I could not sledge again that day – as the weather did not permit. But I will return and do it again, in finer weather.

Have a nice weekend ….. Safe shopping to all of you and please share some of the nice buys and good bargains, so that I too can shop for the festive season.


2 thoughts on “The Snowy Slope

  1. This one’s awesome to read..enjoyed a lot! Would like to see some snaps as well and more stories of the trip 🙂


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