Dusky Beauties

Update for week ending 19 November 2010

A couple of decades ago, a leading movie comedian sang out his heart on being rejected for being dusky or rather dark….. and even tried to throw analogies of how a dark spot on a fair skin is called a beauty spot, while a white patch on a body is actually looked down upon as vitiligo or some such scourge. And so it took a long long while for Indian entertainment seekers to finally even acknowledge that dark or dusky is also acceptable. Even the Maharaja of the South – famous for his one liners and cigarette flicks, tried to “whiten” himself by using a tubful of skin whitening cream. And if the movies tried out these aspects, could Indian Satellite TVs be far behind…. Many of the leading TV serials of their times had a dark heroine as the protagonist – so what if the story turned and twisted and finally ended as a typical mother-in-law wickedly conniving against cow-like daughter-in-law. And everyone forgot that the theme of the TV serial was to promote the cause of dusky woen, but alas, other eyeball grabbers arrived on the screen and out went these serials. So one ended last weekend and another will follow suit this weekend, all because one dusky dancer, caked up her face with make-up and threw political correctness out of the TV studio and called people by their “real names”, so what if it was not suitable for general viewing – but her exaggerated expressions and her poor diction of Hindi and English kept getting more viewership than the Player Hero who is cooking up to save his TRPs – especially in the backdrop of huge flop films. And the latest to join in the spoil story is this fair blonde from the West Coast of the US…. who used to wear red swimsuits and rescue drowning swimmers – who I am sure drowned or pretended to be rescued by her or her other life guard compatriots. If the I&B Ministry raises noise about these 2 ladies and their antics on TV – then it will only result in higher eyeballs and more money for the colourful and imaginative TV channels…..

The D Street Boyz also started appeasing investors to go black… and so coal and allied dark objects that were being peddled on D Street during Diwali saw hectic activity. The D Boyz’ favourite toy, the SENSEX also had a good show during Diwali – going black and getting stronger. And then small niggling issues started irritating them and some of them from countries with large blonde populace – and then people started getting jittery and dropped the Indian dusky SENSEX. And dropped it so many times, that if the SENSEX was human, it would have got dusky by the bruises it received by the drops…. So a SENSEX that looked comfortable kissing the wispy Diwali clouds at 21000, is now struggling to get out of its teen thousands…. It is only at 19930….

In matrimonial ads, do they still say wheatish complexion to describe a person who is actually “dusky”? I have not read through them for long. Maybe this weekend, I will try and cacth up with the newspaper supplement to see what other adjectives are used apart from the time tested “convent educated”, “innocent divorcee”…… etc etc… It has been a while since we connected – would be interesting to hear what you feel about Dusky Beauties.

Have a nice weekend (I know we still have a Friday to surpass, but believe me, it will pass).. Cheers..

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