Vegetables on the Truck Farm

Update for week ended 26 November 2010

While Vitthal got busy with the seedling patch on his little farm,  light clouds were gathering overhead. Post a long monsoon, Vitthal was now preparing to get his truck farm ready for the winter vegetables. These were simple to grow, and given the low moisture in the air, it also needed little tending, especially on weeding. The carrots, peas had already been sowed in their rows, while the little bulb garden was defined at the corner of his small 2 acre plot. He would grow the usual spring onions as well as the garlic chives. And much of the farm was vacant as the cauliflower and lettuce seedlings were not strong enough to transplant yet. These were still in the seedling patch which required careful watering. Having done that, Vitthal headed home to rest. But that night, there were sporadic lightning streaks in the lightly overcast sky and when he awoke the next morning, a heavy downpour and squally winds were not something Vitthal wanted. This was bad news for him, as he banked upon the seedling patch and had not even used a thatch as the monsoons had withdrawn over a month ago. But the rains that fell from the grey clouds did not yield and thundered down forcefully all day. The thundering ended in the plundering of the field and the delicate seedlings and their shoots just lay uprooted in places and submerged in most. Vitthal was not sure whether he was to feel relieved that the farm did not have any standing cash crop like wheat, or feel lousy that he would lose at least 2 weeks before he can get his crops growing again which would harvest bang in the middle of the season, when prices were at their lowest.

The good tidings of the run up at D Street started getting a bit slow, as clouds from overseas started gathering. The D Street Boyz looked up, but did not heed it as a warning until they returned the next day, as bad news unfolded.. first it was the thundering beating by some overseas Boyz (Irish or Korean I think), and then some scam like rot that set in which spooked the D Boyz. What could have been a breeze in the park turned into squally winds, uprooting the Boyz so much that they could not hold onto the SENSEX. The Boyz scampered around trying to tame the downward running SENSEX which they finally cornered close to 19000 points at 19136. The tired Boyz will perhaps rest on the weekend before they get back to work on the messy D Street – they need to clear the fallen branches and debris from the squall of the week.  

Either ways, Vitthal did not lose hope, he just went to examine his field – the first thing he did was clear the seedlings patch and erect a thatch for the next batch. He examined the peas and carrots and got to work immediately weeding out the rotting shoots, and replanting a few seeds in their place. He would get a patchy farm, but that is better than no farm, he felt. The bulbs were his biggest fears and the onions were destroyed beyond redemption, so he had them uprooted; however the garlic chives were hardier and did not look too bad. He knew what to do to replace the onions. He had hard work ahead of him and just got down to it.

Have a nice restful weekend and catch you all next week.


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