Sweet Endings

Update for Year ended 31 December 2010

I know! I know! 2 weeks is a long time, and moving 1000 paces ahead is possible within the fortnight, but this was no ordinary fortnight! It was the one leading to the year’s close; a momentary and symbolic end. But like all sweet endings, this one was sweet too. It was one drenched in sugar syrup that looked like honey and tasted divine. The syrup was not gooey, nor had it hardened into a caramelized, bitter, browny crust. It was obedient and stayed where it was supposed to – around the flaky puff pastry that had been cut into dense squares. And the layers revealed the glory of what was inside them – as one peered through the golden syrupy veil – the crushed green of pistachios. Theer must have been almonds and pine-nuts within, but the green of the pistas overpowered every other dry fruit. The slivers of almonds on top of the pastry did not distract anyones attention from the green within. The pastry chef was eager that I try one before buying some for taking home. That was sweet of him and being a sweet tooth, I could resist the charms of the pastry (not the chef, please!). It was delicate, yet stayed in shape as I lifted the block gingerly and took it to my lips. As I opened my mouth to bite into the crispy layers, it surprised me with the tender “melt in the mouth” experience. The syrup was sweet and had permeated into every layer of the pastry and even the pistachios had been sweetened lightly, and yielded to an easy melt in the mouth. Yumm. This was a sweetmeat that will be in my top 10 food experiences and clearly a contender for top position. The sweetness, the nutty, yet meltingly crushed green pistachios, teasing not only my lips and tongue, but my eyes as well. Next time you travel to the land once ruled by the Ottomans, don’t forget to browse through the pasty stores and insist on getting tempted by the Puff Pastry drenched in syrup.

The ultimate fortnight of this year was also sweet for the D Boyz. SENSEX tingled their senses as they were tempted to end their year on a sweet note. So they did all in their might to raise the SENSEX into greener territory – up 1001 points – to 20509.

There would be lots of parties happening around now – in fact some of my readers in Australia would have already edged close to their New Year… So have fun, party hard, but safely. And look forward to 2011!



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