The Gymmer’s Bench

Update for week ended 11 February 2011

The Bench Press is a standard fixture at all gymnasiums (gyms) and at times it has a lever that can adjust its gradient. So a flat bench press is what the trainer would direct a novice or a “light” gymmer towards in the initial days of the gym training. This could be used for multiple exercises – to work out the shoulders, chest muscles, the back muscles (yes, that is possible too), abdominal crunches (a classic exercise done on a bench). These when combined with dumb-bells or bar-bells, can add the intensity as desired to get the muscles to tone up faster. But to add variety, as well as increase resistance while training muscles, the Gym Trainer would start to adjust the gradient of the bench – starting with the decline. This would be when he is confident that the gymmer is no longer a novice, but serious in her/his workout and is regular. This is the stage where the bench is lowered at one end and that is where the head is placed while working out. It is half-way to becoming a bat where a gymmer gets the dizzy feeling of being strung upside down, though not vertically down, and to prevent sliding out and down, the feet are locked along rollers at one end. And this gravity defying is tough – believe me. This helps the muscles train better to tone and “buildout” a little as well. The higher the weight of the barbells or dumbbells, the higher its aid to add to the muscle toning and definition. This is the tipping point where the muscle definitions start appearing. The exercises start with the d or b-bells held straight up in line with the chest, and then depending on whether the exercise is a bench press or a bench fly, the arm is lowered. This is easy, but the “push” that one needs to exert to get back to the starting position starts getting tougher as the repetitions gather and the gymmer waits for the completion of the set. As the reps and sets are completed and the gymmer is exhausted (yes, these can be tiring quite like a cardio exercise), the gymmer gets happy as she/he starts seeing the defined contours along the body, that don’t need much maneouvering to keep them in shape and a simple arm flexing will show that bicep bulge. That is a quite a high for the gymmer and eggs her/him to go the next stage of which is equally intensive for the muscle toning, but is done at a gradient that is more ambient to human beings – quite like sitting on a low-chair, except that it is reclined backwards. And after the sets and reps in the Incline Bench exercises, the gymmer is a happier person, having sweated out a little, hopefully shedding some fatty flab to gain some lean muscle.

The D Street Boyz were at their gym session this week. And Bench exercises were their regimen. The strict Trainer whose T Shirt bore the initials of his training school, CBI, was closely watching the Boyz who worked out in the gym. So on day one, it was the flat bench press, so the SENSEX stayed flat. Then for the next 3 sessions they were on the decline press – and their heads spun and dizzied as they lost control on the SENSEX sending it spiraling down. The Trainer was holding the D Boyz’ feet and not letting them stop at just a few reps in a set, almost like under arrest. He ensured that the exercises were done as per the rule book. And finally they let the D Boyz sit for the incline bench exercises, letting the Boyz see straight ahead and even upwards as the out of control SENSEX was propped up to finally end upwards. But overall, the D Boyz did lose out on body water, sweating it out, and hopefully some flab loss, and good lean muscle mass building. 280 grams of fat loss should be fine for this round of session, what do you reckon? Well, that is what the D Boyz achieved – losing 280 points since last week to tip the SENSEX scales at 17728.

A good cooling down is important after a gym session and that includes some amount of stretching exercises. Plenty of fluids, especially water, will also help flush out toxins and achieve that gymmer’s toned looks. And don’t skip those meals, just eat right and eat regularly.

Have fun this weekend and refresh and rejoice the time with your family and friends.

Cheers ……

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