The Greening Triangle

 Update for week ended 1 July 2011

The barren strip of land that was a regular for the slumboys for their cricket matches, was slushy. The slums had just been cleared out before the rains. It will give way to a large community housing project jointly undertaken by a large business house and the local administration. It was rumoured that this slum colony, notorious for its vagabonds, petty thiefs, anti social elements, was slowly brewing into a hotbed or conduit of sorts for some more sinister plots related to terror. It was just beyond the creek and a stone’s throw from a leading economic powerhouse market. To avoid any “untoward” incidents, the break in the road median opposite this building was hurriedly sealed, with a  2 foot high median and some bottle palm trees forcefully planted into it. And despite this, boys from the colony would scale the high median to get across the road, and walk down to the barren strip of land – triangular in shape to play games in the evening. And now with this colony gone, the boys were not there. The slush was not the only reason keeping away. A colony of marauding hogs  and “hoglets” were hogging the nearby mangrove swamp and took a fancy to the fresh water slush abundantly available here. A sore sight that many would expect to be set in hinterland India – rural to semi-urban India – not in the heart of the financial district of the commercial capital of one of the fastest growing economies of the world. But that was this city, a place of contrasts that juxtaposed each other so often that it is difficult to decipher whether to admire the sky-kissing capers or get shocked at the gutter oozing shacks by the roadside. Almost like this triangular strip of land that had slush and hogs on one hand, and a rapidly greening – almost velvety, emerald sheen of grass sprouting like there was no tomorrow. It won’t be long before some enterprising cowherd or “buffalo-herd” gets his cattle to this field to save on his feedstock costs. The reason I am so confident is the sight of the cattle egrets in this temporary wetland; already surveying the surroundings and eagerly awaiting their mobile hosts. This place will then become a self sustaining mini ecological circle, as the grass will feed the cattle, whose dung will litter the field attracting insects, food for the egrets and pollinating agents for the little wild flowers in the grass. The dung will also go to replenish the nutrients of the soil to ensure another season of green grass, while the pollinated flowers will slowly turn into seeds for the next season. All hunky dory, except for the hogs that maraud the field once a while; unless some enterprising charcutier (pork seller) lays his hands on fresh porky or ham or bacon in the middle of the city.

The monsoons are here and D Street got its washing down that helped restore the moisture into the streetside. It was slushy initially, but as the water seeped into the dry earth quickly, the D Boyz could move around freely and relax with the cooling atmosphere. This relaxed attitude helped ease the tensions around the SENSEX that was strung tightly; letting it grow and bloom, like the grass along the sides of D Street. This took the SENSEX higher and higher – almost 750 points up, the D Boyz saw some hogs or PIGS (Portugal, Italy/Ireland, Greece, Spain – perhaps) threatening their idyllic Street; so they lost off some balance and let the SENSEX drop some 240 points on Friday. So finally the end of the week saw the SENSEX end at 18762 – up 522 points from last weekend.

I have heard of the famed ham and green eggs – but with no chickens in the green triangular patch of land, and the bad idea of trying to use difficult to catch the rather gangly egrets to replace the hens; perhaps someone can think of interesting pork and dairy product combinations. Perhaps a ham and cheese sandwich or a salami slobbered with buffalo mozzarella on a fresh pizza base. Not bad, what says you? Is the famed West Coast of USA Pizza Kitchen chef listening in? They are not too far away from this fresh produce….

Have a nice weekend – and do let me know of any other porcine dairy combos…..



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