The Singing Woman

 Update for week ended 12 August 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow perhaps did not meet or encounter them, he was quite smart and streetwise, quite a swashbuckling character that had his wits about himself. But this prince was young, not very mature, and as part of his training into the royal duties, his father sent him on a voyage to seek new lands. Being young and with surging hormones, he was keen to find good company. And he found it in sea, in a voice that enamoured him. Her songs were sweet, though he could not understand her language, and the tunes were melodious, that his romantic side lost track of everything else as well as reason, causing him to give instructions to his crew to follow the voice. Although his ship’s captain protested, he could do little but obey his future King, and so he steered the ship towards its doom, as it struck the reefs around an island. The ship capsized, and almost all the crew perished in that accident, except the prince, who was washed ashore. Legend has it that perhaps the sweet singing voice that carried him onshore, but not being a human, could not be beside him, when he regained his consciousness. She was still in the lagoon somewhere overseeing her Prince being rescued by the natives on the island, and she would secretly watch him come by the beach for a swim or just a stroll while he waited for a rescue. And when he was rescued by a special mission, she followed the ship and remained silent, lest the prince repeat the mistake that caused misery to him and her. But she was sad, as she swam just below the surface till the ship went out of the safe waters to the dangerous deep, and she could not keep pace with the speeding ship and so resigned to her fate of keeping her prince’s memories with her, as she dived deeper into the sea where she lived.

The Boyz on the street were like the fabled prince…. While the SENSEX was like the secretive sweet singing voice that trailed them. All this week, the voice lured the Boyz towards it, but their immaturity caused a little mayhem, as they tumbled into the troubled waters of D Street on Monday. But as the Boyz tried floating up again to the surface, the sweet voice of the SENSEX tried to keep pace, but could not pierce the surface, and stayed in shallow waters, till some of the Boyz from across the shores were rescued and started their voyage outwards (aboard FII ships taking their money out of D Street), and the sweet voice (SENSEX) tried to skim close to the surface for a while, but after that it had to go back into the deep where it stayed……. With its heart full of memories of the prince that it loved…… (SENSEX was at its depth of 16840 at the end of the week).

The mermaid – whether it really lived and sang the way it did is still a legend. We don’t know for sure if it is real or not. The closest to the mermaid is the sea mammal – the manatee that lives in the Caribbean – with a voluptuous body and a tail like a fish … and when it rests on little reef rocks in the sea, it could pass off as a mermaid in the dark. These vegetarians also don’t dive very deep, and sometimes skim the surface, and to a rum soaked pirate, it could still be the attractive daughter of Atlantis…….

Have a safe and happy weekend….. and to my fellow Indians and Koreans – Happy Independence Day…….



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