Isaac’s Dream

 Update for week ended 7 October 2011

Young Isaac went on a stroll in his estate. It was a sprawling one bordering a mead pit at one end and the fox woods to the east. As he climbed up the hill behind the mansion, the unusually warm weather for autumn made him stop for a rest. He rested under the apple tree and went into a daydream – where he dreamt of an old Greek man slink into his Roman bath – and just as he slunk in – plonk fell an apple on his head and he shouted out – “Eureka! Eureka!” – (“I found it! I found it!”). Isaac was confused because he associated the Greek word “eureka” with the Archimedes Principle – not an apple. So he continued to look for more clues in his dream. And just beyond, he saw a herd of elephants (now elephants in Greece was not a dream, but closer to a nightmare of Hannibalish proportions) and he continued to pursue the dream further. The elephants were feasting on the fallen over-ripe fruits and having passed their market edible status, these were left to ferment/rot which must have attracted the elephants. Isaac knew from his readings of Indian Natural history that elephants are known to feast on the intoxicating flowers of the Mahuwa tree in the forests of Chhota Nagpore in Central India. So he was not surprised to see these dream elephants feasting on the sweet and “cidery” apples; and they had started to enjoy the fruit and its nectar so much that they were almost dancing with a shaking head routine, trumpeting in intervals as well. But Isaac was intrigued at how Greece slowly melded into what was perhaps Southern Africa (as he knew his geography quite well and that apples were not known to grow in Tropical jungles, but milder temperate lands further north or further south – and he surmised that the elephants were perhaps better placed in the South African highlands rather than the Himalayas). But, as if to tease him, he saw what looked like Indian women dressed in long robes, with colourful head scarves and loads of chunky silver jewellery head towards the apple trees nearby  and routinely go about picking some fruit and tossing them into the baskets they carried, strapped to their heads. Their wages at the end of the day would include some of these juicy  rose fruits, which they would take home to cook into a sweetish curry with some ginger and fennel powder. And just as he was about to follow them into their kitchens and try and relish the evening repast, a phone rang. It was a musical note commonly heard in mobile phones. He was awakened. He looked around to see an apple by his side, slightly bruised by its fall, but his head felt more bruised or hurt than the apple. He did not remember how or when the bump on his head occurred. Perhaps it was the apple, but what made it fall on his head right below the apple tree? And how did the apple get a bit on its right side?

The D Boyz were in a daze after the rocky and topsy turvy ride along D Street the previous week. And not knowing what happened to the Chinese Firecracker Factory owner, they took to roaming their Street for some rest. They rested under a tree on the street, and did not realise when the SENSEX above their head fell and left a bump on their heads. They reeled under the weight of a fallen fruit, and many other falling ratings of banks in India and other countries. But fortunately for a gap in between, when the Street stopped to celebrate an Indian festival, they recovered from the fall, and helped walk back to their offices on the last working day. However, the fall of an Apple this week, left them dented by 1% overall – down from 16454 to 16232. The boys picked up the fallen apple and looked heavenward for an answer. They even tried to use the apps on their smart phones for clues – but they still didn’t have an answer. Perhaps they will after they rested this weekend.

The Granny Smith apple did not get pride of place in many kitchens until some English Boys recorded some songs and put them onto a record and used this apple as its logo. And a couple of years later, the apple found more acceptability around the globe its is electronic form. And just like the fallen and fermenting fruit that the dream elephants fed on, people also fall off and move on. But that does not stop the world, which goes on.

The grated apple induced thickened milk dessert was the Prasad, offering to the deity, for the day. It was also the day when Durga, the all powerful goddess would bid adieu to her worshippers after vanquishing the megalomaniac, Mahisha, and return to her Himalayan abode. It is also the day, when the northern parts of the country start getting their cool wintry air from the mountains, and days get shorter. And five days later will be the full moon, when milk and beaten rice sweetened with sugar will be kept in the open skies to absorb the moonshine. This is believed to have magical lunar goodness and so with that hearty note, I wish you all a safe weekend ahead.



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