Riding the Wave

 Update for week ended 6 January 2012

Joe Hardy and Frank Hardy were brothers but so unlike each other. While Joe was dark haired with sapphire-blue eyes, his younger brother was a blonde with grey eyes. Joe was into sports, while Frank liked the arts – especially music. He was the bass guitarist of his high school amateur band, and also did the lead vocals. But one thing these Hardy Boys had in common (apart from their surname) was their love for solving mysteries. They could crack mysterious disappearances of brief-cases stashed with a million dollars, or solve the case of the unseen girl who would steal from the local supermarket or that Ming vase that mysteriously disappeared and reappeared in the Nevada mansion. They sometimes had truck-ins with the bad guys, and yet helped the LAPD solve cases that could not be solved by the cops. Joe loved the mysteries that took him to sea-gull strewn beaches of California. It also gave him an opportunity to indulge in his favourite pastime – surfing. [And for those who logged in recently, this is just to clarify that the surfing that Joe enjoyed was not one that was done at internet cafes or at home PCs, but on the blue ocean.] The cool California currents that flowed southwards along the coast not only ensured that the ocean breezes were cool, and the lack of any strong wind system hampering this, the waves in these deep azure waters along the coastline, also raised among the best surfing waves. So Joe would go out to the sea in his black wet-suit, belly down on his surfboard and paddle his way out into the reef beyond the beach. And where the waves would started over at the reefs, he would slowly crouch into a knee crawl and slowly stand up, with arms stretched out to provide the much needed balance. And then the kinetic energy of the waves would take over, as it would take Joe sailing through at speeds of over 15 knots per hour. He would bend to keep his balance and ride the waves as it twisted him along the wave crest. The surf ride would last longer if Joe bent and slowly rose as the speeding wave would slowly lose steam as microbubbles under the surface of the surfboard would slowly merge into bubbles and foam their way to the front of the wave. And as the foam bubbles would slowly burst on reaching the surface of the sea, they would burst – and the wind coupled with the aerodynamic moves of Joe, would harshly spray onto his wet body suit and also pepper his black hair. And once a while, Joe would flick his head to shake off the excess water. If someone from the shore was filming Joe’s surfing on a slow motion capture film or video camera, then it would look like the ideal sporty moment that is highlighted in many macho after-shave ads. And as the foamy bubbles increased, the speed of the wave would slow, at times forcing it to buckle under its own momentum and crash into a convex downward spiral, either forcing Joe to switch over to the wave that emanated a few seconds later by its side, or crash with the wave to dive into the sea, and emerge back again to ride the next wave that would take Joe on his surfing expedition again.

The D Boyz were unlike the Hardy Boys, as they did not particularly like the mysteries that awaited them at D Street each day. They preferred a slightly more predictive lifestyle, but that was not to be. They has mysteries from all sources, that constantly spooked them and their pet SENSEX which at times had to duck to avoid any damage to it, or got into an unexpected blow that would knock it spiraling down the slopy streets. But riding the waves was what they did in the past 2 weeks, as in the last week of December, they rode the start of a wave pattern that crashed slowly but surely, and since they knew of this, they decided to quickly maneouvre onto the adjoining wave that helped them ride higher and with some smart body movements, they are hopefully able to stay surfing longer. (A picture of the waves is below)

The fortnight saw the SENSEX fall to 15500 before rising to above 15900, and steadying itself to 15867 today…

And as Joe would walk back to the pickup truck that Frank would have driven in with to the beach, his surfboard tucked under his left arm, the swimsuit clad young dames on the beach would not shy off giving him a second and third look back as he crossed them. Joe was the shy kind, and would toss the surfboard onto the back of the pick-up truck, open the right door, and just hop in. But Frank by that time, would have been busy chatting with another swimsuit model through the open window of the pick-up truck from his left hand side seat and not even notice that Joe was ready to be taken back home!!

So for those who have not been reading up their mystery books from yore or also from the current, this is the time to go back to your home libraries and fish out those simple books. Perhaps there is a mystery that still holds your interest. Anything actually, Monsieur Poirot or Mr Holmes, Nancy or Joe, or Jane or Julian, even a Byomkesh and Pradosh —- that is quite a collection to choose from, what do you say?

Have a happy and nice weekend… and in case I forgot, I also wish you a very happy new year.


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