The Cool Army Led by Cmdr Natarajan, Gen Axay; and the Crack Team Carbon Black Ox Hide

Update for week ended 27 January 2012

The cooler climes of the north beckoned the pandemonium of parakeets. The rose ringed, the yellow backed, the plain green. All of them lived in forests and groves of the south, but the cooler climes just north and outwards into the urban jungles, as well, were tempting for them to fly away. The icy cool winds from the Arctic which is normal for this time of the year was blowing southwards from the circle and would usually have been shielded by the mighty fold mountain ranges in the north, but this year, the fog rising from the plains was weaker than in the previous years, and so the cooler winds had little barrier but to keep blowing over the ice capped mountain tops, and get cooler with the ascent and the glacial ice and then spread it south. And so beyond the Narmada, it blew and almost close to the source of the Deccan rivers of Krishna andGodavari. The winds were like an army. In this mighty army were scores of and scores of Mol-e-Cules of the Commander Natarajan (though the troops below would prefer to call him cool Nitrogen), ably supported by the platoons manned by General Axay (he used the x in place of ksh just like many Northern Hindus who would offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi instead of the Southern way pf addressing her as Goddess Lakshmi). He led a team of the easterners who sometimes pronounced the A as an O and so their General was often referred to as Oxay Gen. But the smaller crack teams controlled by the Captains Kariban were a smaller team compared those led by Natarajan and Axay, but quite useful in some situations (like those mentioned ahead). Their unit attire was black also referred to as Karban Black, but would then dress up in Ox Hide while in combat. (when in combat they would almost become invisible because of the Dyed Ox Hide they would wear – because of this they were sometimes called Carbon Dioxide). So this army moved quite swiftly into the lands north of the Krishna and south of theNarmadaand settled quite easily in the wooded orchards and groves of the chikoo, mango and even the summery lychee. The vineyards along theGodavaribanks were also occupied by this army and the crack teams were at their best.

As they very invisibly penetrated each leaf in this plateau region through the undercover route of the gates of the Stomata (not to be confused with the fruit that disguised in the garb of a vegetable to get into all Desi kitchens to sour up the food). And though the stomata had two very able guard cells around the opening, during warm sunshine, the gates would usually open up wider. And this was the opportunity that the Karbon Black Ox Hide (Codenamed CO2) wearing crack teams used to penetrate the innards of this green factory. And it was a perfect factory that used a lot of energy – solar energy. All the operations happened in little cells, no different form the guard duty cells near the stomata. The core of these cells was the nucleus, where all the chemicals were used that helped the factory in its production, the key chemical being the green coloured chlorophyll. But the walls of these cells were permeable quite easily by the CO2, as they sealed themselves into little spacious hollows that could float inside the factory and towards the Nucleus in airtight containers called vacuoles. These moved randomly and could collide with other vacuoles to get larger and thereby reach their target faster. Once there, the solar energy would react with the occupants of these vacuoles, especially trained to target the CO2 unit and with instructions from a remote controlled unit within the cell called the Mitochondria, they would start breaking up the team along with the H20 team and quickly reassemble them into final factory products of complex Carbo Hydrates and some excess baggage of  Ox Hides would get freed and be set up on the vacuoles to be moved outwards from the cells towards the Gates of the Stomata to be liberated.

The cool winds blew from the north intoD street. And the parakeets flew in their pandemonious abandon towards the green fruit trees lining the streets. The cooling down in the European and other such northerner states helped in bringing cooling winds to this street. And the D boyz used this opportunity in the sun to make some good dough. The icy winds with their abundance of carbon dioxide (normally associated with waste products from factory production) was used up quite rapidly in the sunny green streets. Thus providing food for the D Boyz helping their weak and sagging SENSEX to grow about 12 % to move up this month to a respectable 17233.

And the liberated Ox Hides would return back to General Axay’s platoon for their next instructions, while the crack team Karbon with their leftover Ox hides covered with light and Heady Hydra haired Generals (snidely called Hydrogens) would travel along other food vacuoles towards the venous system of the leaf to finally find its way to the Phloem transport system which would direct them to their next fruit. It could be the mango, or the chikoo or the watery, nectary grapes.


So such is life that is so amazing that one can find so much of industriousness and round the clock work in such sedate environments like a plant leaf. It is truly amazing and never ceases to surprise those who go looking for such knowledge. So have fun this week and try and explore more around you. You would be surprised at what you find. Do share with me some of those finds. I am sure I will be as amazed as you, if not more.

Have a nice week ahead… Cheers


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