Fasting started today as many Hindus start their Navaratra Festival.

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Update for week ended 8 April 2011

Monday was the start of the lunar cycle year for many Hindus. This marks the beginning of the Chaitra/Chitra/Chithira month and a very auspicious day. It is also the day, when many retailers await hordes of shoppers to throng their stores and augur a good beginning to the year. This is also the starting date of the Nine Day (or literally Night) Festival ,Navaratra or Navaratri which should not be confused with a similar named Festival held in October or November – though in concept is quite similar. To differentiate between the two Navaratras, some prefixes are added, the most common being – Vasant Navaratra to denote the Spring Nine Night Festival and Sharada Navaratri – the Autumn Nine Night Festival. Interestingly, both these homonym festivals are dedicated to the same two though unrelated Gods from the Indian Pantheon – the…

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