The European Language we all Speak

Update for week Ended 13 July 2012

When a tall and lanky Britisher is playing on home ground, it is but natural for the crowds to root for their hero. They yelled with joy when he won some sets, and gave him some cat call moments between serves. The net referee had to quieten the crowds quite often. However, it is difficult to keep champions down, and despite the loud cheers for the Britisher, the cool Swiss guy still managed to hold his stead and came out trumps. The crowd did not hate him for it, because he had been their darling for ages, but emotions sometimes overcome reason, and that is what happened last weekend. And the rest of the British Empire felt that slight gloom on the next day – just as did the once shining Jewel in the Crown. Despite the fact that most of the real Jewels in The Crown are from this Eastern country, the “natives” still revere the British or the “Gora Sahibs”. And to keep that tradition on, they have even anointed a few amongst themselves as “Brown Sahibs”. So clipped Ox-Bridge accents are bandied at old clubs, where women still nurse their gin and tonic over a game of rummy in the afternoon, while men don lounge suits in the bar while sipping their sundowner, who cares whether the temperatures outside are a tad under 40 C. Don’t be mistaken that stop at the British, for them an American or an Australian or even a Continental European is a “Gora Sahib”. And the Swiss have a special place in our hearts as they have a special place for our wealth. And everything Swiss is loved, as long as there is a Stuttering Hindi Film Hero serenading a Senorita in a Bada Desh, large country (and would Switzerland count in that category? But who will explain that to Adi?). But now, all eyes are on London for the Olympics as the largest ever Indian contingent prepares for the event later this month, however the only hope of a Mixed Doubles Tennis bronze medal seems squashed as 2 men fight over one woman, not unlike many Love Triangle Hindi movies, including the first Indian movie shot extensively in Central Europe, where many cultures Confluence into each other, like the famed rivers at Allahabad. And although Indians like to cheer themselves sometimes, by thinking about the prophesied 2 gold medals this year, the falling gold prices can quickly take that grin off their faces. So now they brace themselves for the season of prayer and vegetarianism, that commences next week.

On D Street, the tennis fans amongst the D Boyz were feeling low as their bet went wrong, and the Brit guy could not make it to the top, and this led those D Boyz to let the SENSEX slip down on Monday. But on Tuesday, they returned to the street after watching the Swiss Tourism promo from the mid 90s, that had a mandolin playing protagonist, a Large hearted guy wooing his Bride away, the 259th time since it first released, and the D boyz just prepped up the SENSEX 259 points up that day. But on Wednesday, they got contemplative about the weak Rupee and the Indian exports in the software sector and stayed soft, until the next day, the Information Systems just announced a weak outlook in results – plunging the Boyz looking for the computer cables under their desks, and in that scramble, they just pulled the SENSEX down with them. Although another section of the D Boyz felt that the death of well known wrestler spelt doom at the Olympics Wrestling events, and that may have caused the sudden death of the SENSEX. And although there was some cheer that the lakes near D Street were filling up, the fact that the water cuts on the Street will continue took that cheer away as the Boyz let the SENSEX a little. And at the end they brought it down to 17213.

But one thing you cannot fault in an Indian is his ability to be a polyglot, and travel a lot he or she does, these days. So while in Rome, he speaks Roman, and while in Latin America she would like to learn Latin. And on return to India, he has the best American Accent that a German could possibly have!

So what European treat are you going to give yourself this weekend?  I am trying to get seats booked at this ever in demand Michelin Starred chef’s restaurant serving Dosai (that international dish). If I get the reservation, I will surely tell you about that experience. Please don’t mind my American accent in the next blogpost.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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