Brinda’s Wedding

 Update for week ended 23 November 2012

The wedding preparations were on since Diwali. Brinda’s family had spent a large part of the Navratri holidays in shopping for the saris and jewellery for her wedding. Navaratri always symbolized the beginning of good tidings, but was still not considered auspicious for weddings. The sari shops had just launched their latest collections from as far off as Varanasi and Kancheepuram. The silks dazzled, and so did their prices, just as the golden metal prices. Brinda’s father was not a very prosperous grain merchant, but was well off enough to ensure that his daughter got all the trousseau that she deserved. She was an accomplished singer, and when she sang the Vitthal Abhangs, devotional songs written and sung by the rural poet saints from Maharashtra and Karnataka, the audience felt transported to the era of Purandara Dasa and Tukaram. Her devotional songs were appreciated by all, especially Vishnu, who had been audience to her performance for a while. He had pursued her and after the concert, had actually walked up to the green room to talk to her. But she was surrounded by her music troop members and was seen chatting heartily with the burly Jalandharan. Vishnu was not one to lose heart, so easily, so he used the help of his dear friend, Shankar to get more information on Jalandharan and Brinda. Shankar was most eager to help his friend, especially if it was to do with his love. But he had not so good news, Jalandharan was engaged to marry Brinda. Vishnu had to figure out a way to get Brinda to break the engagement. And he planned – he got Jalandharan an IT JV partner in US and sent him off for a few months. During that time, he wooed Brinda, but only slightly. She was busy with her concerts and also wanted to earn for her trousseau. Vishnu, helped her quite a bit in that respect. But Jalandharan was becoming quite an IT whizkid, and was planning on taking his startling venture public. Meanwhile, he travelled the US for the IPO roadshows and parties. At one such party, Shiva was there and he saw Jalandharan getting cosy and close with a blonde haired beauty. He sent the party pictures to Vishnu. The rest is understood, and now the wedding cards were also distributed. The eleventh day after Diwali was the chosen date for the wedding and Brinda was excited too. Vishnu’s happiness knew no bounds, as he too shopped for the wedding. The day arrived and the bride was dressed in a bottle green kanjeevaram with red and gold gopuram, templeborder. The groom was wearing his golden yellow pitambar vastra, silk dhoti draped the traditional way in 5 yards. And the wedding venue had the green canopy  of the banana fronds, and mango leaves. And when the head priest recited the sacred 8 shlokas, the anxious crowd cupped their palms filled with vermilion soaked rice, and dug in with their right hand fingers and thumb, pinching a few grains, and showering it on the couple, the moment the white silk cloth with a red swastika dropped down! Brinda and Vishnu were married.


The week or two after Diwali have been one or two of much action on the D Street. The wedding season purchases were on, as a few D Boyz were getting married, while others just helped in the preparations. Who likes to miss such occasions? So the green and red saris were bought and the orders placed for the green canopy of banana plants and fronds (sending the SENSEX up and up into green territory); and on the last day, when the curtains fell at the wedding venue, the red daubs of the vermilion stained rice left a few red patches on the SENSEX – finally taking it to a weekly close of 193 points up to 18506. This will also spell the beginning of the official wedding season for the rest of India. (of course, D Street saw its share of marriages as a UK distiller “took his Indian liquor bride”, and there are rumours of an Emirati planning to tie the knot with a Jet setting Indian airways.)


Brinda was destined to marry her Vishnu, even though a few a months ago, it seemed implausible. Just like the legend of Tulsi who married Krishna even though she was married to someone else in her previous birth.  


Have a nice week ahead….


2 thoughts on “Brinda’s Wedding

  1. I like your freely flowing way of unfolding a story. I also appreciate the nuances of Indian traditions that you always bring out in your stories.

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