Mitthu and his friends

Update for week ended 4 January 2013

Mitthu was loud and talkative. He was not bashful, but always wanted to have the last word. Every morning he awoke early and started his chatter. His high pitched squawky voice was enough to wake up the neighbourhood. The sky turned from inky black to dull grey in the winter morning and the sunrise was still a few minutes away. Bulbul was an early riser too and she would use this habit to hone her other habit – of singing. Because of her dark complexion, she rarely left home, and even if she did, it would be at such hours when it was not easy to spot her. It was some sort of inferiority complex, thought Mitthu. But Mitthu would not disturb her privacy, though he has met her at mango feasts in summer. The low hums of the homely Gutar stirred up when she heard the sweet singing of bulbul. Gutar was not a singer, but she tried to hum once a while – and it always sounded like she was trying to say something, but her voice would never leave her throat. She wore a lovely silky scarf in bluish green, but otherwise always carried herself in a dull grey tunic, however with one colourful exception – her stockings – they were shocking pink. But the tunic covered her whole body that very little of this pink was visible. The neighbourhood vagabond was also woken up by the shrill tones from Bulbul – Kaalia was ready to take on the world and anything else for the day. He awoke with his loud cracking voice and disturbed everyone. His band of vagabond friends were also ready to take on the day. The sun was slowly rising – tingeing the grey sky with an orange flair, and it almost resembled a different version of the aurora borealis which is not visible in the tropics…. raucous cacophony crowd was enough to wake up even the old Tai, elder sister of the small community, Chimni Tai. She was tiny and hopped around busily doing her chores. And she always muttered and twittered whenever she moved around and she did it this morning too…. And as the sun rose, the cold wintry sheen slowly started lifting off and the old Brown Brahmin woke up and opened out his brown shawl as though to stretch himself out to sun a bit. But that is what got the neighbourhood alert. He was a tough one to please and although most o fthe time he just floated around, he was known to have a keen eye on pests and he would swoop down unannounced to rid the society of the little vermin. He had awoken, so everyone got to doing their work – staying out of his way. So Mitthu went off to meet his dear friend Maina, while Bulbul gargled a little and sang out her ditties. The busy, yet confused grey tunic wearing Gutar went from window to window looking for something useful to do. The Kaalia band decided to raise  aracket to hackle the Brown shawled Brahmin.

It was another cold day on D Street and it woke up this year to noise; lots of nose from the city of the Raisina. But that did not deter the talkative Boyz on D Street to wake up its denizens and get to work. So if the Mitthu like talkative D Boyz started off the noise on Monday, and some ladies who joined the D Boyz for the new year fun sang and danced with the SENSEX on Tuesday to keep it rising, and then even the matronly looking and drab D Boyz could not stop joining the party on Wednesday and when the noisy Black Boyz of D street let out their new year cries, the SENSEX looked like it would touch 20,000 (the N Street had already touched 6000 that day) and then finally with the Brahmins on D Street getting to work seriously, the SENSEX looked closer to achieving its near term goal of touching 20000 by ending at 19784.

And Mitthu met Maina and they squawked and flew off the mango tree where the bulbul was still singing, and the fluttering, confused Gutars flew from one window to a terrace and back with no purpose at all, as Kaalia cawed even as he scrapped over scraps thrown out by early risers and the brahminy rose with rising thermals as the sun rose higher in the eastern sky.

Have great year ahead and may the new dawn bring you cheer and joy ……


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