Though this week did not go to dizzying 20800 levels like in October 2010, it was a week when the SENSEX had a paan on a day and red dribbled from the side of the mouth, the next day… till finally, it is the Taamboolam (exchange of betel leaves) occured on Friday…. to end the SENSEX at 20103.

Enjoy the Blog!

Making Sense of the SENSEX - Blog

Update for week ended 15 October 2010

Paan supari are an integral part of the Indian food and culture. It is the most common item eaten as an after-meal appetizer across cultures – north, east, south or west Indian and even across religions. Modern day urbanites, though, have been seen hover around the “paanwala” outside fancy restaurants after an elaborate or expensive dinner, but this is more of a fad, rather than the norm. But this leaf that grows on a vine, and reportedly has no flowers and that is perhaps where the vine got its name – paan, vetri-illai, meaning only leaf. And every state or region has a favourite that they cultivate and savour. So if the highly fragrant, but spicy dark leaf in Bengal is popularly called Calcutta, the melt in your mouth yellowish leaf of the Gangetic city of Varanasi, Maghai. The Tirur vethalai –…

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