Update for week ended 15 March 2013


Laws of nature seem odd to a learner, but as you look around you see that the order in nature is because of the laws. And thanks to the seventh standard studying daughter, I got reintroduced to the laws of tropism! Yes, these are the laws that help give plants the shapes and sizes and also help them grow. And the elements of nature play a large role in these tropisms. So if we start with elements from beyond earth, and start with forces that we can see, it becomes obvious that we begin with light. So light sources stimulate plants to grow – and the shoots, trunks, branches, leaves grow towards them, while roots grow below the earth to stay away from light unless for special purposes. Now over to the most abundant resource on earth – water. As plants grow with the aid of water, their roots go in search of the water in the ground. That explains why coconut trees have shallow roots as they grow in areas with plenty of water below the ground, while the neem or tamarind that grow in drier places have deeper roots. Now don’t ask me why cacti have shallow roots. The answer is simple there – they don’t have any water in the ground where they grow, so depend on some occasional showers which are quickly trapped by the shallow roots. The gravitational forces on our planet impact mobile objects but also have a way of impacting immobile plants and trees. Gravity determines whether the stem grows upwards and out of the ground, while the root grows downwards – best demonstrated while sprouting beans in the kitchen. Did you notice how the thin white roots grow downwards, irrespective of the way the beans are placed? And then specialized stimuli affect some types of plants – like creepers and climbers, which get attracted to the strong sturdy branches and stems of larger trees to either entwine their tendrils for support and further growth, or to let the roots hold onto the stem to help the plant grow upwards and outwards like the moneyplant.


They say that Laws of Nature also affect the ways of life of the D Street denizens. So the D Boyz follow some of these laws while nurturing their SENSEX – which is like a green shoot in spring. And this spring was no different as the D Boyz looked at the different laws to help nurture the SENSEX. And if on Monday and Tuesday they chose Photo-tropism, the SENSEX stayed out in the sun looking skywards at its current month high. And then on Wednesday, the SENSEX dived to look for water deep down looking for Hydro-tropism. Not finding water that day, the SENSEX then looked heaven wards as clouds gathered over the black money and banking and rebounded following Gravi-tropism, only to figure out on Friday that inflation was not tamed and growth was not as bad as expected, forcing the SENSEX to look for support in Thigmo-tropism. Laws of nature ensured that the D Boyz who saw highs of over 19700 in SENSEX and lows of 19200 finally ended somewhere in the middle at 19427.


So when you go out testing your green thumbs, keep mind of these laws and I am sure you will have a praiseworthy garden. By the way, how many of you in crowded cities, living in apartments have plants in your balconies or window sills? Do share some of your secrets as my flowering plants have suddenly decided to just keep the flowers from blooming, though the foliage is still intact and green.


Have a nice week ahead……. Cheers

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