Komdibai and Shevil

“Vaachsva!! Malaa Vaachsva!!” cluckily shrieked Komdibai as she scrambled across the street. She did not even have the time to look left and right and left again before crossing the street. What could be more dangerous than then the tall, strapping, but stalkingly-in-love Tamil, Shevil?

The story begins 2 months ago when all was calm in this leafy neighbourhood by the city markets. It used to be hub of all agricultural produce for the city. But today, much of the activity has moved to more open markets at the flanks of the growing metropolis. The flower and vegetable markets still held a pride of place in the city and was quite bustling especially in the early hours of the day. So early, that even the roosters would not have seen the twilight to crow out their morning wake-up alarm. And not so far off from the markets is where this story begins (and ends as well, as you will notice later). Komdi was born in the little “wadi” or hamlet within the city and led a sheltered life for long. She would follow her mother every morning as she made the food for the young in her house. She could not recollect her father who had gone missing a few days after her birth. Although her mother would have grieved a lot at the missing father, she had so many mouths to feed at home that she got back to her work as though nothing was amiss. Komdi was like all children her age, plump with small eyes and very cute. She grew up quite fast into a pretty lady and although could not sing so well, despite her shrill high pitched voice, she was the cynosure of many eyes. Including the new immigrant into their neighbourhood – Shevil. Shevil was this slow but smooth talking Tamilian who had come over to her neighbourhood aboard the Chennai Express. Some say that he was brought to the city when he was young and he grew up in the seamier side of town before moving into this middle class market centre neighbourhood. Others say that he had survived a bid for his life from this mass murderer, whose sole weapon was a chopper, while causing an explosion that maimed the assassin for life*. Since then, everyone feared Shevil and he gallivanted with gay abandon. His reputation was not one that dainty ladies of this neighbourhood would approve of. He flirted with every female – even the older ones who no-one cared to give a second glance to. And then he saw Komdibai – the pretty Marathi who spent a lot of time out of home – just crossing the street and then crossing the street again. He had fallen for her strides and walking style. He even liked her when she just stood at one end of the street and did nothing. And then his stalking started – as he would follow her wherever she went and had even started arising early to try and sneak onto her at her. He would try to peek into her abode through the straw roof. Initially, Komdibai thought it charming that after living so many years in this neighbourhood, without being noticed much – here was a guy who liked the way she walked, she looked. She would flutter her eyelids seeing him and even clucked little nothings under her breath. But then, things started getting out of control as he would start chasing her around the block. He even fought off some of the others hurting one so badly that he bled. That was when Komdibai realized that this was not a flirt, but a stalker and an obsessive one at that. She started avoiding him, and changed her routine. She would spend more time across the street than at her side, but that did not deter the swaggering Shevil. He would scout out for her and then simply cross the street – with no hurry in his step – he was focused on his object of desire – Komdibai – and no car or truck on the road bothered him. Komdibai even contemplated hiding in her coop-like straw roofed house all day, but someone or the other would open the door and there he would be, waiting for her. She was now getting scared – and that morning – as she crossed the road to the other side, she was hoping that he would not follow her. It was a humid morning and the rains of last night had made some parts of the road slushy. As she scrambled across, she slipped on a layer of wet earth, and shrieked as she tried to gain her balance. Shevil heard that and he immediately followed her. Komdibai did not know what to do, and so she decided to turn back and head to her home. That was when Shevil also hastened his pace and had almost reached out to her. “Vaachsva!! Malaa Vaachsva!!” cluckily shrieked Komdibai as she scrambled across the street. She did not even have the time to look left and right and left again before crossing the street. What could be more dangerous than then the tall, strapping, but stalkingly-in-love Tamil, Shevil?


D Street was an idyllic place this summer. Though, it was a hot summer, the leafy lanes gave the required shades that the D Boyz needed. This was where the D Boyz sold shares and bought shares and it was in existence for over a century now. Although, the markets had shifted to the flanks of the city by the Mithi River to N Street at the Complex, D Street still retained its charms and continued to be bussing with activity during the day. It was here that the D Boyz had a new entrant – the FII Bond – he was like the movie star with a similar name – charming, risk taking and quite a hit among the women, especially the rustic local lass – the SENSEX. She too fell for his charms and serenades. It was a heady romance that SENSEX enjoyed as she climbed onto her cloud 20,000 until she saw the first streak of neuroticism in him. He dumped a lot of them one day in June and then started fleeing the country. SENSEX was smitten by him and she tried to talk him out of it. He hit her and she bled – red and started falling down the D Street office stairs. This love story was going all wrong. FII Bond continued to woo her, and as he came close to her, she scrambled across the street without heeding the traffic – in the bargain she lost much of the heady weight that she had gained. She was looking as thin as she was when she was 18,000. And then it happened – the large foreign car that crossed the street and almost crushed FII Bond – who was chasing her. He seemed to have been shocked, and even maimed by the incident that he lost his orientation. This helped SENSEX refocus on her D Boyz once again. And the rollercoaster that SENSEX took her from 19016 to over 20200 saw her plummet to 18552, before recovering after the accident to 19395.


That was when a white Mercedes came down the street. No, it was not moving fast as the road was narrow and uneven. That was when the driver was caught unawares when Komdibai crossed the street and as the Merc slowed down, and Komdibai had just crossed the road, the lazy, ambling, don’t-care-about-anything-in-the-world Shevil came under the car. No, he did not get crushed under the wheel, but fell right in front of the car under the grill. The car had not halted and as it crossed over his body, the under carriage grazed over his torso and he hurt his limbs as his shocked body jerked and fluttered to free out of this situation. The car went over him, and the fall had resulted in quite some damage. Komdibai stood on the other side of the road, shocked at first, but happy in her heart that the white Mercedes came to her rescue from this evil Shevil. Yes, that name suited him best! Komdibai was still clucking with shock and anxiety as her friends gathered around her. They saw the car pass by and then saw Shevil slowly crawling across the street. His beak-like nose was broken, and his limbs badly injured. His grazed body showed off the gashes that he received from the uneven road and the car undercarriage. He was surely maimed and Komdibai prayed that he be maimed for life so that he could not chase her around. She also heard someone say that he had not maimed his assassin, but the explosion was caused by a short circuit in the shed where he was. That was when, Kambli picked up the bruised Shevil and looked at it pityingly and called out to his wife, “I think this rooster will be of little use to us hereafter – when are you going to make that chicken curry?”


This was the love story gone wrong for Shevil – so have you recently heard of another love story that has gone well or not so well that you would like to share with me?

Have a nice week ahead…. Cheers…..


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