The Footprints “Kolam”

As we enter into the week of Janmashtami/ Gokulashtami, I would like to wish all my readers a great week ahead, and in the hope that the sentiments on D Street revive as the Human Pyramids reach out to the sky this week… Cheers

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Update for week ended 10 August 2012

Parukutty Amma had more basil and ixora to pluck and pick today. As she walked into the basil grove, her ankles brushed the plants, and she bent down to pluck the leaves. She knew which to pick and which to leave behind as there were 2 varieties in her garden, the lighter green leaves and the darker bluish tints. The former was milder in its fragrance and flavour (when chewed) and akin to the Lord Rama of Indian mythology, while the bluer tinted basil was sharper and more pungent in smell and flavour and  referred to Krishnar Tulasi by her – akin to the naughty and perky Krishna, the Lord with a flute. Tonight, Parukutty Amma was also invited to visit her neighbor for a special occasion, so she had to make a longer garland, so that she could cut the longer one…

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