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Rising Mercury

Update for month ended 15 June 2014

Summer is here and the sun is shining brightly on the Indian subcontinent. Now this is not an unusual phenomenon, since the sun shines down practically every day (barring that one odd solar eclipse), but the heating up of the plains and plateaus and even hills and mountains is stuff that legends are made of. When the Englishmen descended on this part of the world, they were so smitten by the sun that they roamed about in the summer afternoons resulting in the phrase, “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”. Summer was no different this year, except that the dust storms at the beginning of summer, that went through the dry areas of the north, were not weather occurrences, but generated by helicopters landing on bare fields and cavalcades of jeeps and mini-vans traversing the unpaved roads of the countryside and the shuffling of thousands of feet at open grounds rushing to collect the freebies being doled out at election rallies. Much of that dust settled down once the results were announced and places afar watched with bated breath to see and hear of a new change in India’s destiny. So CEOs of coffee companies in Taiwan took the day off to watch Indian Satellite news TV, exchanging notes with friends in the Philippines and Dubai; while hedge fund managers in London woke up to results of the lotus party’s resounding success. And there was much anticipation in sunny Cappadocia, as ancient history of victors and vanquished were replaying today; was there a Karmic connection between the how those cave dwellers had to seek shelter in the arid, mountainous region to escape capture; and how some of the vanquished in faraway India would perhaps have to start preparations for such a journey? But that said, the new winners were announced amid much emotions and noise – not unlike many things Indian. There were celebrations on the streets and sweets were distributed and in all that din, people forgot about the rising mercury. And that is when the sun decided to tell everyone that it existed. So it shot up the mercury in the northern plains and some “western disturbances” (as the met office folks like to refer to anything they don’t understand) caused a dust storm that not only lowered temperatures, but also trees and power lines and brought the capital city to standstill. The weather gods were not pleased with this disruption in their summer glory, so they brought out the solar power in full steam and heated up the capital city to record highs and to not leave other cities out, they also chose to bake (or steam, if that be the right word) the seaside cities of Bombay and Madras, which also saw summer heat records being broken. And all of this heating up ahead of a monsoon which is likely to be affected by the South American little boy (football season is here too… ). So interesting summer times are here with peak heat in much of India, as we wait for the monsoons.

The D Street Boyz were also eager to watch the election results and its outcomes. So they were all out on D Street waiting in anticipation and the SENSEX followed them there too. As the results started pouring in, and the frenzy and energy on the street raised the temperatures, the SENSEX heated up a little too going up from 23900 to over 24000, and quickly rising to almost 25000 till the dust storm hit the capital. The D boyz did not know whether it was the power line collapse in Delhi or the stalled Delhi Metro that caused the SENSEX to dip, but it lost steam waiting for the pressure cooker to work up the steam. And as the temperatures rose and hit all time highs, the SENSEX too zoomed to reach its all time high of over 25700 before resting on June 12 at 25228.

The greens and yellows of the southern hemisphere have invaded our living rooms as we watch teams kick about to get world recognition, but the Indian monsoon remains relatively silent. So what if the Natural History division of a global TV company swooped down into India to chase the monsoons or participate in rain propitiating prayers. The monsoons are still playing truant as trouble in the Middle East takes away attention from the Arabian Sea and its end-summer guest – the Monsoons. So as Indians, we are hopeful that our guest will arrive indeed and bring with it the gifts that we always look forward to from guests, especially those that come from overseas!


It is interesting to note that I had not written in a while and when I chose to, it was the month anniversary since India got a new government. So it is imperative that I clarify, I am not affiliated to any political ideology, nor do I understand politics and politicians very well. So I observe and make certain deductions which maybe obtuse or acute, but ultimately, it is all in a bid to understand the moves at D Street.

Have a great Monsoon…. Cheers…