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The Monsoons are here

Update for fortnight ended 11 July 2014


The ceiling is leaking, squeaked Mickey. It was time to pack his bags for the annual “holiday” routine when he climbed out of his little cave tunnel sized cubbyhole and ventured out to drier pastures. The monsoons have been harsh on Mickey and his friends as they either learn to live in their leaky homes or venture out into the big bad world. Mickey had an amazing sense of smell and could sense the advancing monsoon and he would send out his code signal squeak to let his friends know when to start their annual “migration”. This year it was delayed and Mickey wondered (happy in his heart though) on when he would finally have to leave his damp surroundings. And then it came without any warning – the deluge and thunder and the unexpected high tides that clogged the storm drains. This was a sureshot disaster in the making and Mickey with his sixth or was it his seventh sense just dashed upwards – warning others in the wake and ran up the slippery “stairs”. The rains had already started seeping in, and the lower basement rooms were getting flooded, despite the crude engineering of mounds and bunds around openings. And when Mickey ran up and up – he could see the flash from the lightning and for a moment the surroundings looked overwhelming and glorious. It almost felt like heaven. And Mickey jumped out into the open – as advised by his school teacher, to always stay in the open during a thunderstorm. He was getting drenched but the cool water was reason enough for him to rejoice as the long dreary summer had ended. He felt like he was on top of the world. And then he looked around and the slushy wet earth was covered with a carpet of red petals. The flamboyant gulmohar tree that must have carefully nurtured its flame red flowers during the fiery summer had just lost all its petals to the downpour and they now carpeted the ground beneath the tree and beyond as the winds and rain swept it across the land. Mickey was slightly thankful that it was just the flowers that had reddened the earth and not something else that he and his friends dreaded. Just then, a squeal from the skies almost stopped his heartbeat. He looked up at the sky and saw what he had had feared all along!! The rains were not the only hostile factors during the monsoons.


The D Street Boyz were also waiting for the monsoons like they had never waited before. They looked heavenwards and read every weather report (whether they understood them or not). The worry crease lines on every sweaty D Boyz’ brow were getting more jagged. And then the sunny skies started getting their first grey clouds and then D Street was overcast. The D Boyz jumped up with joy and raced up their tall D Towers to the terrace to enjoy the first showers. The excitement also saw the SENSEX run up with them to the top – 26190. And then the heavy rains started taking its toll, as the tall and lush gulmohar tree fell to the ground and scattered the flame red flower petals all over the street. The tree fall also had some collateral damage as the street Boyz started checking their wallets to see it had sufficient budget to cater to the expenses of clearing their street. The Finance Ministry did not give them much assistance and the Boyz were left to fend for themselves, as they gathered their resources to clear up. SENSEX had to step down from the terrace and also work at the grassroot levels – down to 25100 – 1000 points down, all within the week!

Mickey dashed about the open field towards the gulmohar tree – the only likely shelter in this otherwise slushy ground. He ran as fast as his little feet could carry him to protect himself from the terror in the skies and in the hurry could not skip the puddles. He splashed muck about himself as he accidentally dived into a mud puddle and skidded a few times, but he had to rush to the tree for protection. The blinding rain was not being helpful either. He was being closely followed by his friends who also dashed towards the tree. There was however one contrarion among them, who dashed in the opposite direction – perhaps trying to act as a decoy or a “confuser”. Unfortunately for him, the danger in the sky aimed for him and in a swoop, it was in the grasp of sharp talons and a sharper beak. The Brahminy kite was a keen hunter and this rat was his. Mickey and his friend noticed the missing friend only when they reached the gulmohar tree, but they were helpless. And in this world, this was the rule of survival. They hid in the hollow of the tree’s buttress roots and survived another day.


Hope you a have a great week ahead – despite the D Boyz’ red street or the fear in Mickey and his friends minds. ……. Cheers.