The crow caws and other tales – 2015 Edition 3

Update for the 2 months ended 17 April 2015

Oh, how I miss the lady behind the grilled window. She used to be ready with her hot, steamy rice every morning just as I would swoop down onto the windowsill or sit on the open window and even if I could see her walking towards the window with her ladleful of the white glutinous rice, I would still caw and make my presence heard. She would talk back to me and even though I did not understand her language, I knew that she was imploring me to stop cawing as she had brought me the right mouth shutter – the rice. This routine occurred every day and I would caw every morning knowing fully well that the food would be ready for me, rain or shine. I think she was in a way connected to me, knowing when I would come and admonishing my cankerous caws. And I have known her for years. I remember once, she was missing for several sunrise days and perhaps quite a few crow nesting seasons as well. And then I saw her again. She looked plumper than I had seen her before and she was quite happy to restart her morning conversation with me. And we reconnected. I also remember how she then left on a hot afternoon with others and boarded a black moving iron box that had a yellow top. I followed it as it went rumbling along till it reached a large squat building with asbestos roofing. I flew over the roof to the open area beyond it and saw two long iron rods laid on the ground besides the building. There were many such pairs of rods laid at regular intervals and people were hurrying around with large boxes, bundles and at times, children on shoulders or hips, following other people wearing a red long shirt. And there was my friend from the grilled window. She was walking with what looked like her three children and her husband, following another red shirt. They got into one of those linked iron wagons and I could see her settle down behind another grilled window; except that the window was smaller and the grills were horizontal instead of the usual vertical grills. And then the iron wagon started moving with its linked wagons and kept going through the sunset and the sunrise and another sunset and another sunrise. I would stop periodically when it stopped or would just perch myself onto it when I felt tired or could not keep up. It was just the bond that kept me going. At one such stop, I was at the edge of the wagon atop the grilled window occupied by the lady and her family when I had to go. (You know when you have to go you have to… ) So I just relieved myself and there was a loud shout from below – a young boy yelled and said something which I think was a complaint. I think I had dropped it on his right arm. And his mother was consoling him. Since I had developed a bond with her over the years, I think I understood her – she said something like – don’t worry, if the dropping is on your right arm, then it will bring you luck. So I was happy and continued on my metal perch.

The crows also seemed to miss their D Boyz who fed them regularly on D Street. The street was beginning to look desolate as some of the D Boyz started withdrawing from the market and that led to the SENSEX looking forlorn….. and it must have shed quite a bit of weight. I think it fell from its heavy 29000 points to 27457 by end March. And then some of the D boyz reappeared and the SENSEX was fed a little to get it going up to 29000. And with some droppings by the crows, the SENSEX must have shouted out and the D Boyz saw it lose some weight to end on April 17 to 28442. But like humans say, if it was on the right arm, then it will bring good luck. So the D boyz will be happy after reading this.

And then I followed the lady to her new house. A modest, small place with lots of coconut trees and lush fruit laden mango and jackfruit trees surrounding it. I met a few of my country cousins in what they called God’s own country. It was a peaceful place and although I like the peace and tranquility – I missed the cacophony of the city by the sea. I got to taste sour and sweet mangoes and heard loud hymns instead of motor metal shouts, but I missed the rice on the window. And then I saw the lady – she was walking towards the backyard with a plateful of something I loved – human trash. I immediately swooped down and missed my target and landed on her head. She yelled, I cawed and flew away…. And I could see someone run behind the lady to help her regain her lost balance. She immediately ordered her to go take a bath. And what was that for? Apparently, I came from the netherworld and hence was untouchable, so whoever touched me had to bathe before interacting with people of this world. I cawed and cawed my innocence as I had never been to the netherworld. But no one heard me and the lady just shooed me away as I flew over trying to impress upon her. Humans can be funny. But that is not why I miss the lady with her warm chatter and warmer rice. She continued feeding me nevertheless. But I miss her for another reason which I shall tell you some time later. Till then let me keep savouring the thought of the white glutinous, steamy rice.

Caw caw caw…….


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