About Narayan

I am a banker, and have also been tracking the Stock Markets since its big fall in 2008 – and I found some amazing insights into how and why the markets behave the way they do! I try to unravel these and stumble upon some chance stories, revelations, studies, nostalgia and trivia that I never imagined had anything to do with Stock Price Movements! That is how the Making Sense of the SENSEX started. I am learning! Hope you pick up a few tips as well and we can share them.

I introduce you to the D Boyz, the key players who live and work on D Street, the heart of the Equity Markets. It is akin to the Wall Street in New York; but is emotional like many Indians. Their chief plaything is the SENSEX that they keep bouncing up and down and any which way they please. Trying to make sense of the their antics opens up the “pitaara” (Magic box) of new stories each time… Sit back and relax while you read…


2 thoughts on “About Narayan

  1. Daughters you mention..names, ages…snaps. all the works. Looks like the Chetan Bhagat virus appears to have spread….

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